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Topic: "False Narration" Patter and Effectiveness
Message: Posted by: will lane (Sep 22, 2018 10:28PM)
I am not sure if there is a more agreed-upon term, but for now I'm calling it false narration. By false narration I mean that you narrate the effect you are doing, but you don't say what is plainly happening in reality- rather, you make something up to get the audience "believe" you are doing something much more.

With the example of producing a silk, it would be "now I will produce a silk from thin air and woo there it is" in the plain, audience's perceived reality. False narration would be "did you know there is a theory where the entire universe is made up of tiny threads? If you know how to, you can manipulate the threads..." and out pops a silk.

This isn't necessarily story telling but rather just narrating what you are doing, but making up something about what you are doing and not narrating just the plain, audience's perceived reality.

I like this idea because it gets away from the mundane narration of action and gives everything a "how I'm doing what I'm doing" air, but with the "how" of it all being completely impossible. However, I think that could also be a downfall; for the silk production, it isn't so much producing a silk from thin air, like magic. Rather, I'm grounding all the "magic" in just playing with reality (string theory isn't proven I know).

What are your thoughts?
Message: Posted by: ng849 (Nov 6, 2018 02:21PM)
It doesn't fit my style very well, so I don't tend to use it much. Sorry. :hmmm:
Message: Posted by: will lane (Nov 6, 2018 02:27PM)
[quote]On Nov 6, 2018, ng849 wrote:
It doesn't fit my style very well, so I don't tend to use it much. Sorry. :hmmm: [/quote]No worries. What is your style, then?
Message: Posted by: ng849 (Nov 6, 2018 02:59PM)
[quote]On Nov 6, 2018, will lane wrote:
[quote]On Nov 6, 2018, ng849 wrote:
It doesn't fit my style very well, so I don't tend to use it much. Sorry. :hmmm: [/quote]No worries. What is your style, then? [/quote]

I try to be a bit more serious and mysterious than a lot of other magicians I have seen, as I've found that a lot of people misuse/overuse bad jokes and hack lines. Still, good jokes do have their place, so I have be careful to avoid being too solemn as they may find me boring and I have to avoid being too mysterious because I have found that a) it is not at all believable if I am claiming to have multitudes of strange magical powers that they have never heard of, and b) it tends to create more hecklers. I also avoid like the plague that irritating sense of superiority and general know-it-all-ness that beginner magicians have who are only performing to fool the spectators, and not to create wonder in the minds of the spectators.

It is partially for this reason that I do not like "Did you know?" type presentations, and partially because, in my opinion, magic should be seen as "beyond reality and defying the laws of physics," so grounding it in the very thing that I am trying to twist and bend seems to me to be counterproductive. I have tried those presentations before, when I was not yet a decent magician, and I always found that I became too wordy at times, and after two people told me to speed it up a bit, I stopped doing that kind of presentation. That isn't to say that I think it cannot be done; I just think it does not work too well for me.

:pepper: :pepper: :pepper:
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Nov 6, 2018 07:59PM)
Will...I included my "script" for the TT silk production, vanish, and, reproduction, in the envelope,

I think you will like the script. (It got "left out" of my book.)

BTW, I tried to mail you the presentation for the crystal cylinder and silks, and, the dvd, this afternoon. The postal clerk couldn't find you mailing address, in the PO computer. I had the envelope addressed EXACTLY as you printed it in your PM. Please check your PM, to see if you made a "typo".

I included a dvd of Jeff Helding, doing the trick in his show, which I would like returned after you've had an opportunity to see it.
Message: Posted by: Kanawati (Nov 8, 2018 02:18AM)
Hi Dick, I bet that script is gold! But Iím still busy enough finding gold in your great book🙂
Hi Will, The false narration that Iíve enjoyed is the type that is clearly so ridiculous and presented to make the audience laugh. I think it can definitely add to the fun of a routine. Initially when I read your post I thought, no I donít do false narration. But then I realized that one trick I do presented with a false narration is John Archerís Soundbox routine. His routine is hilarious. I find it works really well to throw that routine into a broader act where the other tricks might be more direct and descriptive. I think Pop Haydn also takes false narration to a very entertaining level.