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Topic: Patter for Sandwich Effect in the Spectator's Hands
Message: Posted by: will lane (Sep 29, 2018 12:53PM)
I do a basic sandwich effect involving the two jokers. Simply put, the two jokers are taken out of the deck, a card is selected and lost in the deck, and the two jokers are fanned out and waved over the deck and the selected card appears in between them, face down, and then turned up for the reveal. The patter for taking the two jokers out could be something similar to "I'll have the two jokers to help me, they'll talk to me and tell me what they think your card is...", or "we don't need the jokers so lets just take them out...".

HOWEVER, I am thinking about patter for placing the jokers in between a spectator's hands instead of just fanning the jokers over the deck. One of the problems is the justification for taking the jokers out [i]AND THEN[/i] placing them in between the spec's hands. Another problem is the pacing- the jokers are taken out and set aside, the card is selected and lost, the jokers are [i]then[/i] placed in between the spec's hands (the effect requires a s***l so this pacing is seemingly necessary to me).

I am thinking something like "so we don't need the jokers so we'll just take them out" and then set them aside. Then after the card is lost in the deck I'll act like the jokers are talking to me and say "ugh, they keep trying to joke around and be mischievous. ma'am, could you just hold on to them so they stop interrupting the trick?" Then I proceed to try to find the card and then the jokers start talking saying "we've found it!"
Message: Posted by: ng849 (Nov 5, 2018 03:00PM)
You could say: "We'll use the jokers for this, so I'll place them aside," or just take the two cards out face down and place them into your pocket without saying anything. The second option will pique their interest as they wonder what the cards are.

Then, after you have "lost" the card into the deck and you have told them what the two cards in your pocket are, I would go with something like: "I'm going to try and use these jokers to help me find your card. Would you mind holding them for me and making sure that they do not go anywhere the deck?"

Now you can go into your usual magical gesture (I like to make them take a deep breath as I move their hands holding the jokers up and down), and reveal the sandwich.

I hope that was somewhat helpful :wavey: