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Topic: The Jafi Read
Message: Posted by: Tom Wong (Sep 30, 2018 12:04PM)
I have got to say this is one of the best and most organic star sign divinations I have come across, I use it actively. Of course, some would call me biased as I am good friends with the author Adrien Lochon and also host this e-book on my site, so I thought I'd create this thread to display some of the reviews that have already come through and so others can post their thoughts on this piece of gold!

Existing reviews:

"A fresh approach to star divination. The method is well hidden within the reading. I was very happy with my purchase and even more impressed with the bonus materials generously shared in the group forum for all Jafi Read owners. Highly recommended" - Johnny Ko

"Adrien is a great thinker, and this release is a good example of that. The concepts in this ebook are practical and very natural which is what your performance should look like. For me this effect is best performed in a middle of a set where you are revealing other bits of information about your spectators, an icing on the cake as they say because it just adds that credibility to you as a performer. Overall this is a great star sign divination, and if you give it some thought you can actually apply this concept with other things too not just star signs. Good stuff!" - Karl Escobar

"This project is something that Ive been excited about for a long time. The bar for propless mentalism has been raised with this release. I feel that this will inspire a new wave of propless where the method and the reading are perfectly intertwined. That is what this project does so exceptionally well. Thank you Adrien!" - Christophe Jelinski

"Definitely the mentalism book I most anticipated getting this year. I got to see Adrien perform and use the Jafi read live and just had to get into the details and thought process that went into it and know how Seamless and casual being the most engaging and empathy creating starsign divination Ive seen." - Tiago Hirth

"Brilliant star sign divination. The emphasis is on the conversation and connection you make with your participant, yet the method is extremely clever. The reveal seems to almost come out of nowhere. This is a great method to use with any other method, so you can have repeat performances for people in a group with different methods. Highly recommended." - Aaron Mathis
Message: Posted by: SteveTheAmazing (Jul 16, 2019 05:49PM)
I think people should've stopped working on star sign divinations after Jafi came out
Message: Posted by: SteveTheAmazing (Oct 29, 2020 10:24AM)
Adrien and I have put together a Limited Time Combo Pack of two of our favorite releases.

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1. Having as little memorization as possible by using the same letters in the same order, rather than adding new letters in each branch.

2. Having the fewest number of letters called out in order to make the process happen as quickly as possible.

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The pdf workbook doesn't stop at anagrams, however. Learn the More Impressive Ploy, the routine Serendipitous Address, my structure for cold guessing playing cards, and more.

Also included is the hit 3 billet routine "The Man Who Fooled Edison", which is a pitch perfect variation of Bert Reese's three billet routine. No extra billets, building personal information, and the methods involved perfectly blend together to make the best overall effect.

The Man Who Fooled Edison was toured across the country in early 2020 by KJ Axel and Watkins during their joint lecture tour.

This is the ONLY TIME the anagram workbook will EVER be available outside of a live workshop.

Included in your purchase is Adrien Lochon's critically acclaimed pdf The Jafi Read, which is a masterclass on learning a star sign in a conversational effect with a bonus drawing duplication that was not part of the initial release.

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