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Topic: Improbable object to appear in box (bowling ball inspired)
Message: Posted by: cedd (Oct 6, 2018 11:28AM)
Hi all
After some inspiration for a trick I'm building for a local pantomime (Aladdin).
The plot and basis of the illusion;
Wishee Washee has spent the whole show trying to do magic tricks and failing terribly at them. He brought his magic box on stage at the top of the show and the audience have been guarding it all the way through by shouting his name if anybody went near it.
We're now just before the show finale and he's finally going to get a trick right! He brings his magic box in to the middle of the stage and places it on a stand (which narrows to a couple of inches diameter at the top - no way to get anything through). He tells the audience that he's been getting ready for the big party in the finale and wants to produce something from the box to get us all in the party spirit. He produces a clear force bag and having shown an audience member it's full of different party items written on cards (party hat, party poppers etc.) they reach in and pick balloon. He goes back to the box and opens the lid of the box to allow a helium balloon to rise up on a ribbon.
After a bit of banter with the audience (possibly with him suggesting he has all of the other items in there too) he opens the box to reveal it's empty. He then closes the box and admits to the audience that he's had a little helper hidden inside who blew the balloon up when he needed it. He opens the box again to reveal a stuffed panda (featured earlier in the show - it's not a completely random choice!). Having disassembled the box to show it's empty again he reassembles it and then....

This is where you come in!
My inspiration for this trick is the bowling ball in briefcase, and I have the method to allow a bowling ball or something suitably solid, to be revealed in this box at this moment.
My concern is that the bowling ball just doesn't fit the rest of the trick. Does that matter? Is the fact it's a solid lump (that he'll drop on the floor with a thud and then let the audience examine) enough to put it in there? I think it's a bit of a tenuous link.
The box is going to be approximately 2ft by 1 ft by 1ft and I can probably get a roughly 1 foot cubed item in there safely.
Can anybody think of something more suitable to get in there? I'd wondered about a cake for the party, but that could feasibly be compressible and short of having a new cake and cutting it every night, is going to be tricky to sell.

Any inspiration?
Message: Posted by: Emory Kimbrough (Oct 7, 2018 12:18AM)
"Okay. I lied. All of you know that a panda can't blow up a balloon. That's just silly."

"Well, more accurately, a panda can't blow up a balloon by himself."

"The panda used this."

Message: Posted by: cedd (Oct 7, 2018 05:13AM)
Oooh I like that idea. The link isnít working for me (think itís a geographic thing - I get a page talking about international postage instead - iím In the UK) but Iím guessing from what I can see of the URL itís a balloon pump or gas canister of some sort. That could work nicely.
Still open to other suggestions if anybody has any more!
Message: Posted by: Emory Kimbrough (Oct 7, 2018 01:40PM)
Yep - it's one of the smaller-sized (smallest sized???), somewhat round-shaped, helium tanks. Looks to be roughly bowling-ball sized. Curiously, a lot of these are sold as *disposable* single-use metal tanks, which seems rather wasteful to me.

See attached image.
Message: Posted by: cedd (Oct 7, 2018 03:55PM)
Brilliant. Yes, thatíll work a treat.

I had another idea tonight - mirror ball! Have to be careful to cover it until produced, but I think it should work too.
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Oct 7, 2018 10:04PM)
A skull or two would be good for Halloween or any spooky themed act or show.