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Topic: 3 Disk Monte Advanced
Message: Posted by: Zauberman (Oct 7, 2018 09:07AM)
This came up today on YouTube channel I subscribe to. It is Max's, who sometimes posts here about 3 Disk Monte. It is public so I expect it's OK to pass on:


I have been working with Disks and so far only can use the hype. This looks so cool. One of the nice things with YouTube is you can slow it down to frame and figure out what might actually be happening.

I'm working towards adding more moves than just the hype. I am hesitant as I am not sure I could get away with some of this stuff. Have any of you other magicians using other moves to make the winning disk somewhere else??
Message: Posted by: vanp8 (Oct 7, 2018 07:07PM)
I try but I do not see a move. When he is using 2 disks. :(
Message: Posted by: vanp8 (Oct 7, 2018 07:11PM)
I have made my discs out of rubber. And for the dot I have paint and a glow in the dark sticker of fatso the ghost from some Casper stickers I had. I have practiced showing it as blank on both sides. But this seems different.
Message: Posted by: shellgame-al (Oct 9, 2018 01:09AM)
The reason you don't see it is because "Max" knows how to handle the disks very well!

The video was a very nice 3 Disk Monte display using advanced moves that looks very natural.

Zauberman thanks for sharing it.

Good video Max!
Message: Posted by: vanp8 (Oct 9, 2018 08:47AM)
Al I really like all of Max's videos. I have watched several. I am always amazed with his thinking and moves. I just was wandering if the moves were more suited for parlor than street. The real attraction to the disks for me was the wind not blowing them away or over like would happen with cards. Before I started seeing The Honest Con Man doing some youtube videos I had taken plastic stock and made my own Monte cards.
Then I seen your site and Max performing and started realizing alternate handlings besides the hype could be used with the disks. Now a s******e and p*****g blew me away. At first I thought b***k a*t because when demoing disks he uses the dark background. Al I like your site.
Message: Posted by: shellgame-al (Oct 10, 2018 12:37AM)
From my understanding, "Max" does most of his performing on the street.

I think how he displays this con game on the street is very smart thinking as a performer.

He is not going to be taken as a con-man, he will be taken as a professional entertainer.

Max thinks outside of the box and brings good crowd results.

I even watched a video of a cop watching Max doing the disk Monte and it only bought entertaining results to the cop.

The cop walked away with entertaining amazement. It also helps that he is a very likable person along with his skills.
Message: Posted by: licker98 (Oct 10, 2018 11:16AM)
He's clearly worked very hard on that routine. I can't tell how he does the move with 2 disks. Very entertaining!
Message: Posted by: vanp8 (Oct 10, 2018 01:06PM)
Yes very entertaining.
Message: Posted by: Stperformer (Oct 10, 2018 03:24PM)
I have had the good fortune of seeing Max perform his 3 Disk Monte routine....outside. surrounded by a couple hundred people....and fry the audience.
Trust me, the bits he posts on You Tube are just the tip of the iceberg.
What really blew me away was his routine. I won't go into detail as it is his routine but will only say it is not the typical, standard 3-5 minute routine. When I watched him it was a good 20-25 minutes and not a soul left. And very funny at that.
I know Max doesn't check or post much on the Café anymore. Hopefully he'll chime in :-)
Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Oct 11, 2018 04:28PM)
Alright, I shall chime in :-)

Glad you lads like the clip. Originally just a quick one-off to show someone something. Thought it was unlisted but glad you all can see it. Now about the moves.......

First of all moves, are just moves. But they are important as they let us achieve our goal....amaze & entertain.

In the vid Zaub linked, there are 2 coin moves I use, that most of you are probably familiar with. Shuttle Pass & Han Ping Chien. Done properly these are killer moves with the disks. They allow me to not just switch a disk but to bring another loser or winner into play. This goes way beyond the hype and what the hype achieves. Once you have the technical ability to seamlessly bring into play another winner.....and then get it back out when you desire.....you literally have full control over the game. You decide who and when they win.

Here's a clip showing the 2 moves mentioned:



Clean-up: I have a servante on my table and usually wear a Gibeciere when performing. I use these to the max and can get rid of or acquire a disk in a moment. Also, while I can sleeve very well, I find it impractical as I don't usually wear a jacket and in the hot sweaty weather the disks tend to stick to your forearms. But in dry formal winter conditions...look out :-)

Also, I use the Pro Disk Monte set from 3 Shell Al. Without these disks I would never have been able to get where I have progressed to.

Okay so that is the easy part. The secret I value most, is what one can do with all this. Let me use 3 card monte as an example.

I played 3 card monte as part of my show for years. Most of you here will remember the show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". At the time pretty well everyone had watched it.
So rather than just have them guess which card was the winner, I put a Million Dollar bill into play and so began the game. They could call a Lifeline, audience vote, etc. Suddenly the card trick took on a life of its' own. As a finale they would end up with the consolation prize which was a small jewelers box. In the box was their folded signed Queen. (think Tommy Wonder). Suddenly I had a performance piece, 3 Card Monte, that was a closer and would last a good 15-20 minutes.

And such is the challenge with the Disks. I have something that has worked extremely well for me. With the right crowd it is really fun & funny. I haven't put that up yet, as I consider it more of a secret than the many moves I've adapted. "Your Mission, should you decide to accept" is to find something that works with your character/personality.

Interestingly, my 4 Monte clips on You Tube, that I put up for you lot, have together over 100,000 views.

Okay, so there you are. Hopefully I've given you lads something to think and maybe work on.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Bones (Oct 12, 2018 08:49AM)
I think it's pretty rare (if not impossible) to find somebody doing what Max is doing.

Take a short con like the discs, three card monte, top and ball, or fast and loose ... and then watch one guy completely (and single handedly) re-invent the sleights required for the hustle in question.
Basically Max is [b]completely re-inventing the [i]hustle itself[/i].[/b]

That kind of "reinvention" simply doesn't happen ... and yet here's Max - completely turning the discs on their ear with moves, and combinations of moves that he's created from scratch ... and which [b]have never been seen before[/b].

It's really something folks interested in these kinds of short cons should take serious note of ... because it's rarely happened before, and chances of folks around today seeing other short cons [i]completely re-invented[/i] are slim to none.
Message: Posted by: shellgame-al (Oct 12, 2018 11:58AM)

Well said!!
Message: Posted by: limsherwin (Feb 13, 2019 04:31AM)
I purchased the 3 disk monte from Al several years ago. The disks also came with a pdf from Max T. Oz.

Few days ago, I found on Lybrary a video tutorial by Max T. Oz, which also included the exact same pdf.


However, I didn't know that the video was only Volume 1 and covered only part of the materials on the PDF.

Does anyone know if a Volume 2 will be coming out anytime soon?

Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Feb 13, 2019 06:56PM)
Hello Limsherwin :-)

At one time I was hoping to do another vid showing my routine before a live audience. I doubt I am going to be able to make this happen in the near future so.....

Here is my routine. Not before an audience but the exact routine I would usually perform.

No explanation but magicians are a clever lot :-)


Message: Posted by: Rook (Feb 14, 2019 11:49PM)
Nice! Love the one disk kicker at the end!
Message: Posted by: vanp8 (Feb 16, 2019 10:42PM)
What Rook said. You make me want to do better.
Message: Posted by: BiggieCheeze (Apr 20, 2019 09:25PM)
Great routine! Do you mind if I ask what material your mat is made of?
Message: Posted by: magidave (Nov 5, 2019 05:29PM)
Thanks Max for turning me onto this. Love the disks! The *****tra**** ***nt also seems to work well with this as well as the slate switch move I learned from Bob Cassidy in handing the disks out for examination prior to starting the routine.
Message: Posted by: magidave (Nov 5, 2019 05:32PM)
Mr. Bones - What’s “The Top and Ball?”
Message: Posted by: Mr. Bones (Nov 5, 2019 07:57PM)
Top = shell
Ball = pea

Top and Ball = Three Shell Game
Message: Posted by: magidave (Nov 5, 2019 08:00PM)
Thank you for your answer. New term to me. Dave
Message: Posted by: Mr. Bones (Nov 6, 2019 03:15AM)
It’s uncommon in magic ... commonly used by those working the short con.