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Topic: MINDvention 2018!
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Oct 8, 2018 10:40PM)
Hey gang,

This year is the 15th edition of the biggest and best mentalism convention in America…[url=https://mindvention.net]MINDvention[/url]. It takes place from [b]October 21st[/b] to the [b]23rd[/b] in Las Vegas, NV. USA with a workshop from [b]Kennedy[/b] as an extra charge event on the 24th. [url=https://mindvention.net]MINDvention[/url] gathers an international crowd of working mentalists, enthusiasts, and people who are just starting to explore this most fascinating topic.


The [i]International[/i] talent lineup includes the aforementioned [b]Kennedy[/b], who is presenting again for his second time. His high energy style and polished presentations are one of the reasons he is one of the busiest performers in the UK.

[b]Ian Rowland[/b], also from the UK, has performed and lectured four times at the [i]Blackpool Convention[/i], six times at '[i]MAGIC LIVE![/i]' in Las Vegas and three times at the [i]Magic Circle[/i]. His Penguin Magic lecture is one of the most successful mentalism lectures ever, with over [i]seventy[/i] 5 star ratings.

[b]Timon Krause[/b] is one of the Netherland's leading mentalists. With a background in Philosophy and Theater he has been lecturing on the philosophy of mentalism and performance theory all around the world.

[b]Menny Lindenfeld[/b] from Israel, AKA "[i]The Paramentalist[/i]" is an award-winning, paranormal entertainer, inventor, and consultant. He is known for his innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. And for being a master in metal bending.

From America we have [b]The Evasons[/b] presenting their incredible two-person mentalism act. [b]The Evasons[/b] have been honored with some of the top awards in their field. They are the first recipients of "[i]The Mentalism Award[/i]" from the [i]Milbourne Christopher Foundation[/i]. This will be the first two person act to present at [url=https://mindvention.net]

MINDvention[/url], and they will also be the subject of a Q & A session hosted by [b]William Rader[/b].

[b]Harrison Greenbaum[/b] not only does devastating mentalism, he will also make you laugh out loud as he performs. An incredibly engaging performer who does more than 600 shows a year. That means he's doesn't just have a ton of experience, but that he's also very, very tired. His lecture will teach you techniques to create your own original material.

[b]Gil Eagles[/b] is a legend in the mentalism world and his performance last year of his Q&A act was incredible and earned him a well deserved standing ovation. Gil will be back this year with an all new presentation sharing his thoughts, ideas and experiences from a man who spent a lifetime on the platform.

[b]Ken Weber[/b], who is an influential member of the mentalism community and he wrote one of the most respected books on performance techniques will be the subject of a sit down interview conducted by another accomplished performer Eric Samuels. This should be a wonderful and insightful interview from these two knowledgeable mentalists.

[b]David Gerard[/b] is a mentalist from San Francisco, CA. His modern approach to the art is showcased at his weekly theater show as well as numerous private and corporate engagements nationwide. His talk at [url=https://mindvention.net]

MINDvention[/url] 2016 garnered acclaim from hobbyists and pros alike, and we're happy to have him back this year for a rapid-fire lecture full of tips and tricks.

[b]Carl Christman[/b] is a teacher, mentalist, and author of the best-selling book [i]How to Read Minds & Influence People[/i]. Carl will be lecturing on marketing for performers and the use of audio and video cues to increase production value. He will walk you through his performing philosophy, the way he put his act together, and share some of his original effects

[b]Rick Maue[/b] is one on the most beloved presenters ever though the years at [url=https://mindvention.net]MINDvention[/url]. He will be back this year, and speaking about an interesting topic this year when he covers [i]Character in Mentalism[/i].

These great performers will be sharing their time, talent and energy with all the attendees at [url=https://mindvention.net]MINDvention[/url].

For more info and to register, please visit [url=https://mindvention.net]www.MINDvention.net[/url]