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Topic: Looking for the name of this trick
Message: Posted by: omagico (Oct 22, 2018 10:04AM)
I'm looking for something similar to this "sawing a person in half" trick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnS-1DATGaM

Could be levitation or disappearance. The key is that I can use any audience member to do it.

I can't even find this trick. Any help is appreciated.
Message: Posted by: thomasR (Oct 23, 2018 05:51PM)
That is Audience Dismember built by Bill Smith.

If you are looking for other Sawing an audience member in half trick, there is also the Harbin "Bow Saw" built by Owen Magic.

For audience levitation/ suspensions, you've got several to pick from with the top of the line being the Blaney Ladder Levitation.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Oct 23, 2018 06:24PM)
Besides Steinmeyer's "Audience Dismember" & Harbin's "Bow Saw", another sawing / cutting illusion that you can perform with an audience member is Peter May's "Slice of Magic."


Discussed on this thread:


Also, here's a link to a different thread talking about illusions that you can perform as a "solo" performer:


There are many threads on this topic. I've just directed you to one of the recent ones.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: Maverick Magie (Feb 25, 2019 08:57AM)
This illusion was made by VOSTINIC. It's the VOSTICUT Illusion

Join pic of me with Vosticut Illusion
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Feb 25, 2019 09:30AM)
[quote]On Oct 23, 2018, thomasR wrote:
That is Audience Dismember built by Bill Smith.[/quote]

Also, just to clarify, "Audience Dismember" was invented by Jim Steinmeyer. Built by Bill Smith with permission. Some illusionists are big fans of the modifications that Taylor Reed offers.


I can find posts here on The Magic Café going back to 2003 talking about the illusion. Use the search function and explore! :)

- Donald
Message: Posted by: thomasR (Feb 25, 2019 05:35PM)
I think it might be exclusive to Bill Smith too.. although I'm not sure about that.
Message: Posted by: omagico (Jun 2, 2019 08:32PM)
Thanks for all the pointers. This truly is a great community.