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Topic: Not that helpful resources
Message: Posted by: Javi (Oct 30, 2018 12:04AM)
So I have been thinking a while of some resources that many profesional magicians use while performing their tricks, that I think are not that useful or that makes the trick harder or just like a waste of time during the performances there are 3 in particular that I'm not sure and I want to know why people do it in their performances in order to improve my own presentations.
First one is telling the audience that the person you selected it is a random selection (please tell everyone that we don't know each other... ) I think when the magician tells you that it makes you more suspicious that it was not a random spectator and it was prearranged.
Second: the resource to tell the spectator exactly the thing that you are going to do before actually doing it. Like telling the story of your dead uncle Tim that use to play with you the poke your back game and then doing the kinetick touches. I believe that the effect of doing something that the spectators it not waiting to see is way more geniune and bigger than if you reveal it before.
third one summarizing all the steps of the trick before doing the reveil. I think you make the spectator fell a little dumb like if they were not following the trick with you.

What other resources do you think are a waste of time? or why do you think this resources are useful?