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Topic: Dracula in Transylvania, me in Rome?
Message: Posted by: ipe (Oct 31, 2018 10:58AM)
This is my take on a Raymond Smullyan's strange logical argumentation:

(1) Everyone is afraid of Dracula.
(2) Dracula is afraid only of me.

Why is not possible that Dracula is killing someone in his castle in Transylvania while I'm walking down the streets of Rome? :)
Message: Posted by: ipe (Nov 9, 2018 03:29AM)
None try to solve this one?

Here a hint. This puzzle is not a lateral thinking problem where you have to find a creative solution (and the solution-space is unlimited). The problem is strictly logical.

Why my walk in Rome has the power to stop the mighty Dracula to kill someone in his castle in Transylvania? (I have the power... the logical power!)
Message: Posted by: Michael Daniels (Nov 9, 2018 04:25AM)
Are you Dracula and afraid of yourself?

Message: Posted by: ddyment (Nov 9, 2018 11:04AM)
I guess I just thought that it was pretty obvious.

If everyone is afraid of Dracula, then Dracula is afraid of Dracula. But if Dracula is only afraid of me, then I must be Dracula.
Message: Posted by: ipe (Nov 12, 2018 03:34AM)
Michael, ddyment,

yes, you are totally right. :bg: