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Topic: Triple Threat
Message: Posted by: aligator (Nov 10, 2018 09:27AM)
Here is a new release that has caught my attention. Wondering if anyone has it or might like to offer a review or any additional information at all.

Message: Posted by: Seth speaks (Nov 10, 2018 12:51PM)
Well, it is definitely not new, if it is a Ned Rutledge work. The last effect looks like a bit like Mental Yarn which I believe was initially Nedís principle. Iím sure it is a worthwhile collection, especially for six bucks.

Message: Posted by: ElliottB (Nov 12, 2018 07:03PM)
I bought it and took a quick look.

One of the tricks was sort of like Mental Yarn.
Another trick was interesting to read, but not really my thing.
The dice trick has potential, though. It's that old dice trick that everyone knows, except you never look at any dice.
Others have published little subtleties for that old dice trick, and they can probably be combined nicely with the Rutledge idea for a very baffling demonstration.
It's definitely worth some thought and effort to choreograph things to your liking.
Overall,for $6, I was pretty happy with it.