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Topic: Gambling Spot Statistics
Message: Posted by: AMcD (Nov 10, 2018 01:27PM)
Hi all.

For some reason, I wrote some code for sort of spying some statistics on some website. Anyway, I had the idea to apply it to the Gambling Spot.

Out of ~2,300 topics, here are some figures (from 5th of January 2006 up to 10th of November 2018):

10 most viewed topics:

10 most answered topics:

And the most liked topics. Note that this option is quite "recent" on the Magic Café and has never been seriously used:

Data from first table are in red, in green for the second one.

Quickly, I'd say that AMcD, Steve Forte, Negative Strippers, Faro and videos have shown some interest :).
Message: Posted by: AMcD (Nov 10, 2018 04:44PM)
I forgot. Who posted the most topics?

Note that tommy alone posted 17.44% of all the Gambling Spot topics! The 10 guys above, 36.20%. Don't forget that, at some point, tommy, Cag and me were more or less the ones keeping that place alive.

All right! I hope you like those numbers. While reading those tables, a few souvenirs popped out :). Now, the time of forums is gone, but we had some fun.

Message: Posted by: JasonEngland (Nov 13, 2018 01:25PM)
Here's another statistic: 95% of tommy's posts were links to stuff he'd found online. Took him 2 seconds to post. If I posted a link to every partially-related gambling topic I'd ever run across I'd have 2000 posts here.

Message: Posted by: Mr. Bones (Nov 13, 2018 03:12PM)
Tommy hasn't posted now for 7 days short of an entire year.

I wonder if he's OK, or he just got tired of the Café?
Message: Posted by: AMcD (Nov 13, 2018 03:29PM)

Well, at least, he helped to keep the place alive. And many posts had some interest. He was running a private gambling club, he knew what gambling was, don't doubt about it.
Message: Posted by: Cagliostro (Nov 13, 2018 04:50PM)
[quote]On Nov 13, 2018, Mr. Bones wrote:

Tommy hasn't posted now for 7 days short of an entire year.

He evidently has been banned from posting for an indefinite period of time. If you try to PM him, it will state he has been banned.
Message: Posted by: Gamblingman007 (Nov 14, 2018 07:35AM)
What about that 31 page thread along time ago which was longer but post got deleted ....”Would a Real Cheat Write This?”
Message: Posted by: Bobbycash (Nov 14, 2018 08:52PM)
Jesus, I’ll be forever associated with Daniel Madison now :P very interesting Arnold!
Message: Posted by: Cagliostro (Nov 15, 2018 12:05PM)
[quote]On Nov 14, 2018, Bobbycash wrote:

Jesus, I'll be forever associated with Daniel Madison now :P very interesting Arnold! [/quote]

Yup. Looks like the logical next step for you would be head to toe tattoos. ;)
Message: Posted by: tommy (Nov 16, 2018 12:29AM)
Evidently, you are not often right but this time you are wrong again.
Message: Posted by: Peterson (Nov 16, 2018 01:32AM)
He is back! The legend, the hero.