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Topic: Save Vlad's Magic Library
Message: Posted by: Alan M (Nov 14, 2018 04:16PM)
Hey folks,
Our friend Vlad is in need of some help. He is currently living in the Netherlands but needs to come home to the United States for several important reasons.

You can read the details in the post here: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=677742&forum=2

He has a vast magic library and it is very costly to ship the books home to the U.S. If we can help raise some more funds, he won't have to lose his library.

If you don't know who Vlad is, please search out the username Vlad_77 and you will quickly get a sense of who this guys is in term of this specific community and the magic community in general. He is an incredibly helpful, friendly and talented guy.

Please visit the GoFundMe page and make a donation. If enough of us donate just the cost of a cup of coffee, his library will be safe. I hope you will join those of us that have offered a contribution.

[url=http://https://www.gofundme.com/save-vlad-library]GoFundMe page[/url]

Also, I would like to thank the member Rachmaninov who started the GoFundMe page. I am just passing the info along.

Message: Posted by: Alan M (Nov 16, 2018 10:33AM)
The GoFundMe link above has an error. Here is the correct link: