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Topic: Miracle Magic Square
Message: Posted by: aligator (Dec 5, 2018 07:23PM)
Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has this. Do you like it? Dislike? why? How does it play to an audience?
Message: Posted by: Thomas Henry (Dec 6, 2018 06:52AM)
Hello Aligator,

Now there's a bit of synchronicity. About an hour ago I finished my first draft of a script for this, after mulling it over for a month or so. Then I see your post.

Your first question: yes, I adore it.

Last question: don't know yet. It typically takes me two months to go from initial script, then practice, then rehearsals, finally to performance. But I've got a feeling this is going to play very well.

The main reason I'm writing this is because as I slaved over the script, several nuances occurred to me that I think will make the key move pass by effectively. It's the old Henning Nelms thing of: don't ponder misdirection, think about direction. The actions I've come up with are quite pleasing, those sorts of things that make one smile inwardly.

And, I've come up with a nice way to completely "soften" the mathematical/numerical feel. It is now a very decent experiment in telepathy with just a bit of a wry twist (which suits my style).

Again, this is still just "step one" and I won't be doing a run-through of the first script for another day or so. But I do believe the effect is going to turn into one powerful piece in my close-up repertoire.

I am most willing to share my blocking/scripting ideas with any legit owner of the item, should there be no ethical problems in doing so.

Anyway, I think it's a really decent method which simply needs a bit of thought given to the "silent" aspects of a performance to make it play.

Which is my long answer: I like it. Stop back in a couple months and I'll report how many cabbages and tomatoes were hurled my way. But my guess is that it's going to play well, and would be worth your time to investigate.

Thomas Henry
Message: Posted by: aligator (Dec 6, 2018 11:43AM)
Thanks for the reply. I will be oredering this in January so I will bring this up again then. I would be very interesting in hearing your ideas.
Message: Posted by: Thomas Henry (Dec 11, 2018 01:01AM)
And, oh, Aligator, a little tip:

The set comes with a self-adhesive sticker (which only has to be applied once). But I found its glue was way too week and it kept curling up and off.

I sprayed the back of the sticker with Gorilla brand spray adhesive, then using tweezers so I didn't get glue all over the place and my fingers, applied the sticker and patted it down.

Now it sticks like it's supposed to!

Thomas Henry
Message: Posted by: aligator (Dec 11, 2018 07:58PM)
Thanks for the tip.
Message: Posted by: aligator (Dec 19, 2018 03:07PM)
Ordered. Will be in touch with you Thomas after it is received.
Message: Posted by: aligator (Jan 31, 2019 04:48PM)
This a marvelous little effect. Very easy to do and totally puzzling for the spectator. It would be best utilized in a close up situation but would play in a small parlour as well. If you have a cynic in the audience, hand him the square to total and verify everything while you proceed with the next demonstration. Highly recommended.
Message: Posted by: aligator (Feb 5, 2019 11:52AM)
Are you still arounf to discuss this Thomas?
Message: Posted by: aligator (Feb 5, 2019 02:12PM)
As far as the self adhesive sticker is concerned, another way of dealing with it would be to cover it with clear tape that would hold it on better as well as not inhibit the necessary read.