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Topic: First official performance!
Message: Posted by: MAGICTOM (Jul 17, 2002 11:11AM)
Hello everyone,
Last night was my first official performance for a large group of people... kind of a stage setting, it was at the Dallas Magic Club meeting.. we were instructed to bring some kind of money trick and perform that evening. I came up with a new routine just the day before and gave it a shot! it went great! I did have a couple of obvious moves
due to the lack of practice, but, I also had a seasoned magician come up and ask me for advice on how to make a 4-coin production from one card look so smooth... which just made my night.
The main reason I am posting this is to let everyone know how valuable your local Magic club can be, I wish I had become a member of mine 2 years ago when I first got into magic, but i had no idea they existed...
The meetings held are an excellent opportunity to try out new tricks, learn new tricks, mess up on new tricks, and to just perform a little. And if your like me, after the first few months it was really hard to find someone to practice on, my own mother would RUN if she heard me start a trick *L*
Anyway, if you get a chance, and you have not yet attended, check out your local magic club and drop by... it will be worth your while to meet people with the same addiction to the art that you have...trust me
Take care
Tom :)
Message: Posted by: wayman (Jul 17, 2002 02:14PM)
Congratulations on your first performance Tom.

I totaly agree that the best thing for new Magi is to join a club. You might have been struggling with a new sleight for months and a fellow Magi could have shown you it in a matter of minutes.
Message: Posted by: Paul Menzel (Jul 17, 2002 07:35PM)
I know some people avoid magic clubs for a variety of reasons, but I agree that they can be very helpful. I recently joined a local club which a few of the staff members here also belong to. Forums like this can be helpful, but they can't replace direct feedback. If anyone reading this is still debating whether or not to join a local magic club, you might want to read Scott Guinn's current column over at Visions (www.online-visions.com) and take his thoughts into consideration.

And congrats on the magic high, Tom! :yippee: