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Message: Posted by: uncx (Dec 22, 2018 01:02AM)
I've been using an itr routine for many years, floating a bill. I find a cheap $ 1.39 one seems to work better for me than the expensive one from the master, James George. Yeah, I know...sacrilege. Occasionally I have to repair one, and I can do that, except when I break the twisted motor loops at the ends. What do you call the stretchy elastic cord that does the work, and where can I get it? I'm pretty sure a sewing elastic thread would not be what I need...

Actually, at $1.39 I could just chuck it out. I'd rather just experiment with tension.

Magic Grandpa
Message: Posted by: Signet (Dec 23, 2018 05:58PM)
I have heard from people who make their own It, that they use black wooly nylon thread. They buy it from a sewing store and then strip out the individual strands. It seems like a lot of work. Steve Fearson makes Vectra thread that works really well. I prefer to use this for my ITR. It costs more than $1.39, though.
Message: Posted by: uncx (Dec 24, 2018 02:40AM)
Your is a good one! I do rewind my ITRs using wooly nylon as the IT. Love it. What I need tho, is the motive power ("rubber bands") to turn the reel for the retract. I don't even know that you call that elastic , as is really not rubber.

Reloading the reels for the spider pen and Tarantula is a cinch...no little hole to have to go through! Just empty the fouled up reel using a pointy X-Acto knife to cut the thread, Stick the end on the top of the reel with a bit of wax, and use the motor to wind the IT off a playing card and onto the reel. About a 2 minute job, and a LOT cheaper that buying new loaded reels!.

I am thinking about making a thin slot with a Zona saw from the end of the clear plastic tube to the hole in the center on an internal drum reel to just slide the thread into where the hole is. As a ferrule, I could use James George's idea of a bead to keep the thread from going back into the slot, and also making for a smoother action. Could be attached with Mesika Wax ( hard) or a little cellulose nitrate glue.

Anyway, my big problem at the moment is finding elastic for the twisted "rubber" bands. Really thin stuff.
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Dec 25, 2018 11:12AM)
If you will invest in an Alpha reel it will be the last reel you ever buy. I've been using mine for 6 years. You don't have to make a slot for the thread, the thread is completely exposed in the middle. If the thread breaks, you just pinch the reel and pull it out. I went through hundreds of dollars and frustration with reels before buying the Alpha.
Message: Posted by: uncx (Jan 9, 2019 11:09PM)
The Alpha reel sounds great! I cannot picture the center feature...never saw one. I may start saving up for one.
Message: Posted by: MateosSpain (Aug 13, 2019 06:52PM)
The venom ITR is pretty cool its easy to change the elastic and the I.T. and if it breaks is 30 seconds of repair, its insanely easier
Message: Posted by: Drylid (Aug 13, 2019 11:53PM)
Stay away from venom reel. The made in china ones work better. I went they 2 sets of them breaking.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Aug 18, 2019 01:14PM)
Steve Fearson's Cobra Reel has good reviews...