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Topic: Slydini Silks (in 1931?)
Message: Posted by: HeronsHorse (Jan 2, 2019 11:12AM)
Hello all, I was browsing the pathe news website after searching for the keyword magic (I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest) and I come across a video showing you the so-called Slydini Silks trick, revealing it as well, for all to see. The thing is, this was before Slydini even performed, 1931.
So it is evident to me now that this trick was around long before Slydini. It's interesting that he somehow took over as author of the trick. I've asked a few people who all referred me to Slydini. Obviously, Slydini food his own routine with the concept and I'm not trying to take that from him, I just find it interesting that everyone thinks he was the originator of the concept entirely.
Does anyone know the creator, or is it one of those things that comes from way back, before even Scott's book?
Thank you for any responses.

The video in question is available on pathe news or YouTube:

Weirdly, the quality is way better on YouTube... strange.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jan 2, 2019 05:18PM)
Yup! It'a in Scot's "Discovery of Witchcraft". (At least 500 years before Slydini.) I learned how it was done when I was about 10, from an Arthur Bros. Circus Side show magician.

Slydini never claimed to have "invented" it. He simply applied the principles of SHOWMANSHIP.

Jay Marshall and I were discussing adding a new trick to one's repertoire over coffee, eons ago. We agreed that there are three steps necessary:

l. Learn how it is DONE.

2. Learn how to DO it.


I have used the "Slydini" Square Knots, since forever. I use my own presentation. It ALWAYS PLAYS!
Message: Posted by: HeronsHorse (Jan 2, 2019 07:17PM)
Excellent, thank you Dick! So it is in Scot's book(My spelling was off)! I hadn't seen it in there but I haven't exactly read it all, just parts.
I wasn't really accusing Slydini. I mean, all I do lately is mine old books then incorporate the moves into my own ideas so I'd be guilty of the same. Sorry if it came across that way.
It's great to know this though.
I agree with you, learning to use something in a way that entertains really is the essence of what we try to do, right! I'm learning so much and that is something I've picked up. Performance makes the magician!
Thanks again.

Looks like I need to buy some silks and get this down!
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jan 3, 2019 04:02AM)
I think that you understand!!! You asked a good question! YUP 'mine' the old books!!

Don't use SILK! Magic silks won't stand the twisting, etc. I use polyester, nylon is also possible. Experiment! Dealers get exhorbitant prices.

My 'polys' last, easily, a season!
Message: Posted by: HeronsHorse (Jan 3, 2019 07:41AM)
I just love the old books! I decided early on, that if I'm going to do this then I have to do it right. I don't want to be a bad magician. And I certainly do not want to be a 'buy a trick' magician. I want to be a performer who is adept at misdirection and skilled! I thought if there's anywhere that can teach it, it's the ones who went before me. Plus, I must confess to having a love for the way they write, too. It's nice to see such use of language.
I know it will take some time so I won't go showing things until I can do them almost automatically. Even then I repeat and practice the gestures, the words and moves, the timing, everything I'm reading in the books.
I began with The Royal Road to Card Magic and then Henning Nelms Showmanship for Magicians, then the Fitzkee Trilogy. In 2 years I haven't finished with any thesbookse books. They require such study. I see so many, especially young magicians who evidently haven't read them. Performance is so important yet is being disregarded for instant online fame or by street magicians with bought tricks and no showmanship to speak of, who think tricks maketh the magician. How wrong they are.
I've seen a few bad magicians in my life and it gave me this plan. Gave me the incentive to try and change people's opinions by not being one. By bringing a sense of wonder to people and giving them some feeling of magic.
In the meantime I read and practice and read. When I'm not doing that I'm watching performances. So many performances! It's the thing I love YouTube for.!
I'm not even half way there to being ready but coming here and reading what folk like yourself write is such a great lesson. I'm honoured and very, very grateful.
Thank you Dick. Anything you wish to impart, I'm listening.

PS. I take on board what you said about silks! Thanks! ;)
Message: Posted by: ValeCavaliero (Jan 8, 2019 10:44PM)
Interesting post. Thanks