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Topic: Ladies, how did you get into magic?
Message: Posted by: danaruns (Jan 13, 2019 10:32AM)
Please tell us how you got into magic. Let's talk about how women became magicians.

When I was 10, I saw Mark Wilson on TV. I was gobsmacked. All I wanted to do was learn magic. Eventually, I made a homemade zombie, and did a "show" for my parents. They said to give my zombie to my brother, because "magic is for boys, not girls." And so my magic career was ended.

As an adult, I was brought on stage by Teller (he spoke!) be to a volunteer for a trick. I was astounded by the trick. They let me know how it worked, and I was immediately hooked again. There was no one to stop me this time.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to know both Mark Wilson and Teller. I've told Teller that story, and he said it made him "proud" (he was probably just being nice). And Mark Wilson and his wife Nani Darnell and son Greg Wilson have become dear friends, and for a few years I worked with Mark teaching magic classes at the Magic Castle. It's funny how life comes 'round in circles.

What about you? What's your story?
Message: Posted by: magicusb (Oct 29, 2019 10:51AM)
Dorothy Dietrich here..

Saw a magician in grade school. Went to the library, looking for "Whodini" books. Read several books by Walter B. Gibson, on magic and Houdini, who I would later become close friends with. Developed a puppet show (I was a bit shy), and magic show. Ran away from home to New York City at age 13 (an abusive drunkard father). Roomed in NYC with several experienced actresses who taught me the ropes. Agents would not accept a woman as a magician. Nor could a woman join the Parent Assembly of the SAM-Society of American Magicans (Even after I starred on TV.) Although they let me perform at their after meeting shows. That is where I was helped and advised by Walter and Russell Swann. Had to do some extreme and historic things to begin to get accepted. I was also rejected from Europe's Magic Circle.
Message: Posted by: Russo (Oct 30, 2019 04:03PM)
Hope you don't mind me putting in- My Wonderful Wife Anna- after we got so many gigs I couldn't do them all- develop characters,-Ana Belle Western Magician -PomPom the Clown - A Raggedy Ann - The Magic Lady - I didn't teach her a thing, she just watched. Anna also assisted Ken & Bert Griffin for a season and Blackstone SR.a couple times at the Castle. Along with being my Partner with OUR Show. She also was a Tea Room Model,Fashion Model, Photographers Model and taught Charm & Poise at the Panorama City, Hollywood, and Century City BROADWAY Department Stores, in the 60's 70's -Southern California. Anna, peacefully passed away 10/04/19 -- Ralph (russo) Rousseau
Message: Posted by: magicusb (Oct 30, 2019 07:06PM)
Dorothy Dietrich here;
Sir with due respect you In no way answered the topic question
Message: Posted by: Russo (Oct 30, 2019 07:18PM)
I thought I was telling how my Wife became and got into Magic and a successful Female Magician - And how proud I was/am proud of her. She couldn't tell you now. Sorry.
Message: Posted by: magicusb (Oct 30, 2019 07:43PM)
I understand and understand how proud you are.
How did she first get started in magic?.
As a child?
Reading books?
Taking lessons?
Did you teach or mentor her?

Do you not know?
Message: Posted by: Russo (Oct 31, 2019 07:22AM)
She learned (?) by watching me(?) - helping me,assisting(?).She didn't read books or took lessons.. -I met her when we were 15 & 16 - and I was asked to entertain at a Hospital - girls ward. There she was. We went together for 3 years - Married 6-18-56 , assisted me, as said before,mentored her(?), encouraged,(?) as she developed her own acts -etc. She didn't read books or took lessons, see 10/30/19 post above.
Message: Posted by: Alyx (Nov 5, 2019 08:49AM)
Russo, thank you for sharing a glimpse into your wife's life with respect to magic. <3
Message: Posted by: fifia (Jan 2, 2020 10:54AM)
I started by looking into lock picking which developed into more escape art, then I found Scam School (now scam nation) on YouTube with Brian Brushwood which shows bar tricks, riddles and magic tricks all in one.

I also had a classmate we always called magic max. and he would always perform for the class and as a social outcast, I didn't have a seat for one of his shows and thus was placed perpendicular t him, seeing the side view of a magic show and after seeing through all his tricks it hit me that I could do it too.

I've been practicing as a hobby ever since.
Message: Posted by: Russo (Apr 20, 2020 01:57PM)
Referring to my above posts - surfing the 'forums' - a Note - My Wonderful Wife, Married "63" Wonderful Years, peacefully passed away 10/04/19 -took care of her for 3 years - last year 24/7 - Was with her in ICU, sharp -alert mind - weak torso - with a sparkle in her eyes, slight smile - - -into our Lords arms - Now going through a rough grieving period ( told it my last a few years)-- I'm OK - Daughter(came all the way from Hawaii to Florida- to be with me for a week) bought me this Lap-Top, and arranged WiFi (only access to a P/C was when I was working p/t at a library for 16 years, then re-retired to care for my Love) - P/C communicating - surfing the "Café" - Rambling like this, is very therapeutic. Best to you all - keep positive (as my Wife always told/tells me)-- Be safe during this pandemic. Ralph (russo) Rousseau
Message: Posted by: BeachCat (May 8, 2020 02:21AM)
I got into it by my Dad taking me down to Hollywood Magic (remember that place? and the Magic Castle for brunch starting when I was about 5. I'd learn a few tricks as a child but decided to really incorporate it when I was doing school fundraisers. My status is still as an amateur and I prefer to still be amazed rather than learn how certain tricks are done. ;-)
Message: Posted by: fifia (Jan 27, 2021 03:20PM)
Personally? I had a kid in my class named Max but we called him Magic Max because he always performed magic. So I didn't have a clique and I was late to dinner on this one school trip, so they just told me to find a seat, and so I sat at the empty table in the corner while Magic Max performed as he always would do a show on these kinds of trips.

Funnily enough, I was at the angle that magicians never want anyone at, and I saw a few tricks at a good enough angle to see through them, especially the rope ones. He also repeated one trick and I happened to notice the card was the same both times. With that, I managed to deconstruct a few tricks and recreate them myself.

I also got into lock picking around the time which also lead me to some tutorials online where I made enough of a routine to perform for talent shows.