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Topic: Tails cards load
Message: Posted by: Stevious (Jan 15, 2019 05:34AM)
Hello folks,
I would like to try performing in tail suit in the future, and I wonder how should I attach the holder for cards or a billiard ball. Holder for cards and a silk is more important. When wearing a jacket I casually attach them to the edge of the jacket (not trousers!), so I can even move it, and they donít show up.

How should I do in in tail suit without the risk of flashing the cards? I know some great Polish manipulator like Salvano and Arsene Lupin used to perform card manipulation in tail suit.

Here is my crazy idea, trousers for tails have a stripe on one side, could I add an extra pocket for cards load hidden on the edge of this stripe at the height of my hand? Has anyone done this or this is too silly? I would turn my body slightly and push out the cards out from this tight pocket. It needs proper construction and adjustment but it might even work I guess?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 15, 2019 02:26PM)
We cannot discuss such things in an open forum topic.
Message: Posted by: Link774 (Jan 15, 2019 03:02PM)
I'll send you a PM with what I did, I was in the same situation recently. I'm pretty new though, so there are probably others with better ideas.