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Topic: A New Webinar from Michael Close
Message: Posted by: mclose (Jan 18, 2019 09:27AM)
Lisa and I were so pleased with the feedback from our Fool Us webinar last November, that we're starting a series of them called Workers Webinars. Our brand new webinar, The Truth about Lying, is coming your way on Sunday, January 27. Magic depends on disseminating misinformation – in other words, lying. You'll learn how to use this important tool with rapier-like precision in this informative, interactive, and fun presentation. Read more and register here:

Message: Posted by: mclose (Jan 22, 2019 11:25AM)
I just wanted to let you know that registrants for The Truth about Lying will have unlimited access to replays of this webinar, so even if you can’t watch it live, you should still sign up. We will not sell this as a downloadable video.

Also, no special software is required. You can watch (and participate) through your browser.

Message: Posted by: mclose (Jan 29, 2019 09:51AM)
Here are some of the responses from last Sunday’s webinar:

“I watched Michael Close’s webinar The Truth about Lying. I thought it was very, very good...it made me rethink some of my own work.” – Matt Disero

“The webinar was wonderful. I plan to watch it again because there were so many valuable points.” – Debbie Leifer

“The webinar was interesting and very informative! I look forward to future webinars by Mr. Close, and I highly recommend them to all my magic friends.” – Michael Tallon

“A huge shout out and congratulations to Michael Close for his webinar this afternoon. The theory as it applies to magic was profound; he was able to provide excellent examples with performance pieces to support the concepts...It was an afternoon well spent, and I look forward to future classes.” – Lupe Nielsen

“That was fantastic. I love doing deep dives and talking about the process. Well presented. Great webinar portal. Bonus PDFs and great attendees asking intelligent questions and great comments. Bravo! Can’t wait for the next one.” – Bruce Kalver

“A very, very fine seminar.” – Teller

We’ve heard from many people who missed registering in time, so we’re going to repeat the webinar on Thursday, January 31, at 9:00 p.m. EST. This is not a rebroadcast. This is another live presentation. You will be able to participate and ask questions. Go here to register: