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Topic: Trick Indexer by Chazpro Magic
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 20, 2019 07:37AM)
Here my be on solution to carrying your props from table to table presenting you magical effects. I was browsing the Chazpro website, and ran across this "Indexer" as they call it, and it may work for some of our members, and the price is right for everyone, only $19.95.

Chazpro is a well respected magic company, and has been around for many year, and sells exclusive magic products.


Trick Indexer - This listing is for a Chazpro Trick Indexer. We made these a zillion years ago and have not offered for years. We recently uncovered a box of brand new Trick Indexers. What a surprise. This item easily fits inside any coat or vest and will organize a wide range of magic props. There are three small pockets at the top that hold coins, 2 medium pockets below, perfect for rope, silks, sponge balls and the like. There is a long pocket in the middle for longer props, and two large pockets at the bottom that will each old several decks or similar-sized props. On the reverse side is a jumbo pocket that will hold jumbo cards, a wand and other large items. The Trick Indexer is professionally sewn, with durable edges and pockets. It is a black fabric, to diminish visibility. The back, top of the Trick Indexer has a strip of velcro. You receive the other half of the Velcro strip, that can be attached to a coat, if desired. You also receive several safety pins. The Trick Indexer can be attached quickly and easily to any coat or vest using just the safety pins, so no sewing is needed.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Feb 9, 2019 09:41AM)
I invested in this product, and received it yesterday. I have to say, I cannot see how this will work as it was sent to me.

It is 11 7/8 inches length by 8 1/2 inches wide. Looks like a cotton blend type of black fabric. There is no stiffener on the back of the cloth. Thus without proper attachment, items in the small pockets will fall out. Maybe if it was pinned in several other places on the interior between the pockets, it might hold up better, but that means it is best secured to a suit jacket lining with reinforced layers in the front panels of the jacket.

They say it will hold 2 decks of playing card, and it will, but I find the weight of the cards is to much for the single layer fabric, better to use for a packet poker size effect using a few cards.

They suggest to attach it with safety 3 safety pins, one at top center, and one each at the round shoulder on either side. They only provided 2 pins, not 3.
It is nicely sewn. There is stiff piece of plastic Velcro-ed on the upper reverse side, which I have to assume is for the inside breast pocket, but the corners would cause tearing of the coat pocket if not rounded.

The larger pocket on the reverse side, is suggested to be use as a Topit pouch, again, I cannot see how this could be utilize in this manner, maybe a ditch pocket while having full coverage or while returning something else while ditching another item. There is only one large pocket on the that side, making it limited in purpose, as the multi-pocket side can not be utilized when using the large pocket only.

I don't see how this could have been designed by a magician that actually used it in this manner.

I am thinking of trying to use some iron on stiffener and see it that does not work. With the pocket versions I made for myself years ago, I found stiff think Illustration board was the best, sewn between 2 layers of fabric. The pockets were sewn on before sewing in the cardboard.

So there you have it, more cons then pros, so don't waste your time or money on this Pocket Indexer, unless you feel you can make it into something useful.
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Feb 9, 2019 10:09AM)
Thank you Bill.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Feb 12, 2019 10:42AM)
Another money saving review. Thanks Bill.