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Topic: 13 Card two packs Mixed cards- Line up at end - Tarot
Message: Posted by: baronborrelli (Jan 31, 2019 04:36PM)

I was removing some items from storage and came across a trick I never performed, but did practice a few times, and it worked... although I cannot remember it, or the routine. It is two sets of identical tarot cards (13 of them). The participant mixes (honestly) and I believe the second pile is also mixed. You can't riffle shuffle, but you can mix. Anyway, at the end, both decks are in order. I sort of remember having to count backwards on one of the decks, if that help. Please save me hours of searching for the instruction sheet in the storage bin (it is really cold out!)

Does anyone remember the routine or even know which trick I am talking about?

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: martini (Feb 1, 2019 08:10AM)
Greetings Baron:
I have a similar trick called "Tarot Surprise" in my collection, except mine uses two sets
of 12 cards, not 13. The effect sounds identical, are you sure there are only 12 cards in each
set ?

Hope this helps some,if you cannot find your instructions, let me know.

All the Best
Message: Posted by: baronborrelli (Feb 7, 2019 08:25AM)
You are right, it was 12 cards. I must of false counted. :)

Anyway, I do wish there was a way of correcting your existing posts, but this forum does not allow it.

I hope to hear from you soon regarding the instructions, although it is warmer, I may delve into storage today.
Message: Posted by: martini (Feb 7, 2019 11:50AM)
Greetings Baron;
Check your private messages

All the Best
Message: Posted by: Mr Salk (Feb 7, 2019 11:54AM)
I'm always interested in Tarot routines, if you don't mind sharing. I assume using a single-deck with just two runs of suits would play the same?
Message: Posted by: baronborrelli (Mar 15, 2019 03:54PM)
If you were to build it yourself, it would need two decks, since the cards must be duplicated. You should also use minimal number cards (2-3) out of the thirteen, and mix in minor arcana court cards and three or four major arcana. The bigger the better, since it seems more natural with the handling.

I would not suggest using a regular deck of cards. It makes the trick easier to figure out because the spectator has some familiarity with ranks and suits