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Topic: Sibyl - Phedon (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Feb 1, 2019 12:30PM)
Sibyl - Phedon Bilek

The Hype:
With Proteus, Phedon demonstrated the place propless methods hold in the way he views mentalism. With his new release, Sibyl, he now throws in what he calls the "Alpha and the Omega": Connecting with your sitter at a level never reached before.

Imagine touching someone's soul, using nothing but your words. Anytime. Anywhere. Knowing things about them, sensing their very feelings. Sibyl redefines "emotional mentalism" and will open a new dimension in the way you interact with your spectator.

You will learn Phedon's unique ways to tap into someone's emotions and his original methods for revealing and answering a sitter's questions and concerns. With De Profundis and S.C.R.E.W.E.D., Phedon gives away two of his most cherished routines which will get you as close to being "real" as you have ever been. Both propless and relying on a mechanical method, they are impromptu and surefire.

With Caffeine-Free, you will be able to tell a complete stranger things about her personality, her past, her present and her future-with nothing but a sheet of paper-in an engaging, mysterious, conversational style. Even the pen is optional!

With Delphi, Phedon shares his way to reveal not only a name, but also facts and personality traits of a thought-of person that no one could have known. So much so that the revelation of the name is just the cherry on top.

Hermes will allow a friend of yours to become a psychic over the phone, making hit after hit before, if you want, revealing the name of the person your spectator is thinking of. This is absolutely surefire-as long as your friend picks up the phone.

Along with these routines come the techniques and subtleties that make them so unique and so potent. For the first time, Phedon shares his concept of PRISM, which will literally set you free if readings are scaring you. He goes into all the details explaining his journeys, which turn a reveal into a novel, mysterious, magical and unforgettable experience, touching your sitter's very soul.

Subtleties such as the Blank Piece Disconnect and Wait-a-Second, techniques such as Under-the-Radar and his personal handling of the Acidus Novus peek will make their way straight into your arsenal, as they already have for other professional performers who have been introduced to this material.

No stone has been left unturned; every move, action and process is justified, and host Titanas has made sure everything is thoroughly explained.

My Take:
The first thing the average magician will take away from the promo on this is "sticker shock". We are all used to paying $35.00 tops for a single DVD and very often even less. And that is exactly what you get in this package, a single DVD. But is it worth the extra expense. In the words of Sarah Palin. "You betcha." If you have priced good mentalism effects over the years, they have historically cost more than the average magic trick. Take a look at the pricing on Docc Hillford's little booklets.

I have also been told by people who perform both readings and magic that the reading performances are vastly more lucrative than the magic performances. There is a huge market out there for readings. Not far from me, a woman has put a sign in her front windows offering private readings. Now, this is not simply a hand written sign but she has invested in a neon sign so there has to be some decent money coming in. Even a lot of people sho supposedly hate magic are completely taken in by this.

Around 100 years ago, there was a huge business in psychics with a lot of frauds putting on seances and readings. Mina Crandall (known as Margery) was making a killing in Boston until Houdini exposed her in 1924. And no less than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was completely taken in. He totally believed in the whole package. His wife performed as a psychic. And he lost his long time friendship with Houdini as Houdini was working on exposing the trade.

Just a little history to show you that this is powerful and can easily be abused so please, if you buy this, keep it on the entertainment level. That being said, let's take a look at just what you get.

First off, the DVD is 3 hours and 41 minutes long, aound double the timing of the average magic DVD so even though it is on a single disk you are getting the value of a double disk set. Right there, you have have made up the extra cost. Plus, there is a 52 page pdf on the disk. After a glance at it, I could see the value there and printed the whole pdf out and put it into a binder. It not only gives you tips but a number of scripts you can use as is or to inspire scripts more suited to you.

An added plus is the conversations between Phedon and Titanas after every segment. For those familiar with the Conscious Magic series by Ran Pink and Antony Gerard, this is similar. The conversations are informative and you get a better idea of the mind set. The only negative I can think of is the navigation system on the DVD. The menu is fine but once you leave the menu, you are lost. There are no titles shown on any segment. The only way you know a new one has started is the sitter's face has changed. A lot of the time I had to watch a couple of minutes to figure out which section I was in. After a while, I would use the menu to find what I wanted, watch it and then go back to the menu and make another choice. Title captions would have greatly improved the package.

Phedon uses three volunteers on the project and his performances has every single one of them close to tears. Make no mistake about this. It can be an extremely emotional ride for the person for whom you are performing. Phedon shows how he takes a "hit" and expands it into a complete story about the sitter.

A number of approaches are taught. For me, the most valuable one is S.C.R.E.W.E.D. The sitter is asked to think of a person who made a negative effect on their. Phedon then lists a number of reasons why that could have happened. Almost always, one of the reasons will fit your volunteer. Without asking which it is, Phadon goes into a story line about his own life that seems to go along with his volunteer's. In the pdf, you are given Phedon's personal stories (which he refers to as Journeys). This technique does require you to be very observant of your spectator's expressions and body language. If you are a good writer or story teller, this will be a huge advantage to you both adapting his Journeys or developing your own.

Phedon is from Greece and tells of the Grecian grandmothers who "read" the stains left behind in a coffee cup. American coffee will not leave these stains and you will not always have a cup with you so he gives you a great alternative. He has your sitter wad up a piece of paper and gives you ideas on how to read the wrinkles. Caffeine-Free requires nothing more than a piece of paper to perform. Not even a pen or pencil.

In Delphi, your sitter writes down the name of someone and you reveal it. In using the same type of technique for Hermes, you call a friend on the phone and he gives your sitter the name they were only thinking of. This is some powerful stuff.

My favorite of the extra techniques is called the Blank Piece Disconnect. Your sitter tears up the paper she wrote on and gives you a blank piece of it. With no writing, you know exactly what was written making it so much more effective.

He also gives his handling of the Acidus Novus peek. I feel his handling makes only subtle change to the technique, a slight change in the folding and a nice reason for distraction during the peek. If you already use Acidus, this might give you a new idea or two.

In conclusion, I think it is pretty obvious that I would highly recommend this package. I could easily see it making a magician think about changing his entire approach to his performance style. I could even see someone who performs no magic buy this and start a new life. But, as I said, there is a huge opportunity for abuse here so please, keep the techniques in the magic community and use it only for entertainment purposes. This is the first DVD that I have viewed that has caused this level of how I approach the art myself. This is one you won't want to watch just once. It is a college level course on giving readings. Use it wisely.(And make sure you print out the pdf. You will refer to it often.)
Message: Posted by: Stunninger (Feb 1, 2019 05:42PM)
Excellent review!
Message: Posted by: canaday (Feb 2, 2019 06:06AM)
Thank you.
Message: Posted by: bofx (Feb 5, 2019 07:19AM)
This is a must have video for everyone interested in readings or want to make their mentalism more emotional.