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Topic: Routine for super coins anyone?
Message: Posted by: Count Elmsley (Jul 18, 2002 04:49AM)
Whilst on holiday in Spain I spotted some lovely reproduction coins on a market stall. They were huge, and very heavy, and at first I thought they were real until I looked at the date (1772).
I bought 5 of them, and then got a friend of mine to Gold plate them with 14ct Gold.

The result is a super set of coins that look very valuable, are very large,( each coin is 4cm (over 1.5") in diameter), and very heavy.

Perfect for a good coin effect - but which one?

I am new to coins (having been a childrens magician for years), and don't actually know any coin tricks except Coins Across, which is a bit naff now (everybody does it!).
Can anyone suggest a good routine for these coins?
Message: Posted by: Geoff Williams (Jul 18, 2002 12:59PM)
Try "Elbow, Knee and Neck" by Daryl (from "Spectacle" by Stephen Minch) - I consider this to be a "perfect" 3-coin routine. Clean at the beginning, no extra coins or gaffs are used, only one move done twice (and it's very simple) and you're clean at the end.

What more could you ask for? (It's a rhetorical question, Paul :P )
Message: Posted by: Count Elmsley (Jul 19, 2002 04:39PM)
Thanks, Geoff.

Not heard of 'Spectacle'.

Do you know if the routine is on one of Daryl's videos?