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Topic: How are sponges made?
Message: Posted by: austinkayedm (Feb 14, 2019 11:51PM)
Ok so I didn't know where to ask this, I think this is the closest to my question. The first trick I saw as a a child was sponge bunnies. I remember the place and my reaction exactly! I love the trick but at the same time I hate cheap looking props, so that's why I fell in love with steve Dacri's 3d bunnies right when I saw them. Now the problem is that the bunnies I like are so hard to find! they made a newer version that includes a huge bunny that cannot be palmed easily and also, it's so big, it makes it hard for the small bunnies to be seen. So basically I don't like the new version of "giant 3d bunnies", they suck. Also sponges are easily lost and I'm even scared to use mine since I'm so sloppy and forgetful and I only have 2 big bunnies!!!!! if I lose even one of them I can't continue performing sponge bunnies.
so I've decided to make my own sponges by myself. I'm creative, perfectionist and I'm pretty sure I'd do a great job if I knew how to do it. I have no idea how to shape the sponges, ive seen people hand making awesome stuff like bread and pastries. So I wish someone could help me pointing me to the right direction to start making my own sponge bunnies. I tried scissors but I'm pretty sure that can't be the right tool. also I don't know how to color the sponge.
Message: Posted by: Riley (Feb 16, 2019 04:10PM)
PM'd you.
Message: Posted by: Theodore Lawton (Mar 3, 2019 11:11PM)
The Goshman ones are cheap and easy to control. You can't use those?
Message: Posted by: gaddy (Mar 11, 2019 06:59PM)
It's a shame there isn't currently a 6" sponge ball on the market. I'm looking for a couple of those.
Message: Posted by: Riley (Mar 15, 2019 02:00PM)
I find it strange that the OP hasn't read my PM, nor has he been back here since, it seems.

I currently have the same situation with another member with a different query.....

What's that all about? How badly do people really need to know ???
Message: Posted by: BSutter (Mar 15, 2019 03:33PM)
It seems to me that your questions on both fronts answer themselves.
In more simple terms, the user thinks, ask, and the work will be done for me. It don't work that way.
Just being silly, I need to be quiet now.
That is all.
Message: Posted by: austinkayedm (Jun 4, 2019 02:20PM)
I'm terribly sorry, I had a couple of problems with my mother's health . I usually answer right away. Fortunately everything is ok and my mom is ok. ill read that right now
Message: Posted by: austinkayedm (Jun 4, 2019 02:30PM)
[quote]On Mar 3, 2019, Theodore Lawton wrote:
The Goshman ones are cheap and easy to control. You can't use those? [/quote]

Yeah well goshman is only producing huge looking rabbits that don't work well for the momma and papa bunny plot, They are too big and the pack only has one big bunny. I'm Guessing the plot would be like making a lot of bunnies merge into one which doesn't make any sense.
Message: Posted by: austinkayedm (Jun 4, 2019 02:32PM)
[quote]On Feb 16, 2019, Riley wrote:
PM'd you. [/quote]

Thank you. the pm is now lost for some reason
Message: Posted by: Riley (Jun 5, 2019 07:24AM)
Re-sent the PM for you. :)

Glad your mom is ok.
Message: Posted by: austinkayedm (Jun 5, 2019 03:45PM)
Thank you so much Riley. Case closed