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Topic: [Mini Review] Cubic by Francis Menotti
Message: Posted by: Maxy (Feb 22, 2019 10:34AM)
It is Rubik cube,magic square and card prediction in one routine (plz see full performance video).
- The routine is fantastic and will engage many spectators at the same time.
- Very easy to do, no difficult slight of hand, the spectators will do the most work, only you will do 2 or 3 easy moves in the offbeat.
- The gimmick is very good quality and very deceptive, I took the cube in my hands and I couldn't see the gimmick!. In the trailer Mr. Francis also shows the gimmick openly and said (you look at the gimmick right now!).
- The quality of the cube is not good, sometimes the plastic parts can pop out while mixing, to avoid long handling from the spectators better to begin with a mixed cube.
- Very rare these days to see full performance trailer, I always appreciate the honest trailers and full performances.
- The instructional video is very informative and covers everything you need to perform.
- You can not repeat the same trick to the same audiences 2 times because it has only one outcome, I hope if they sell different outcomes in the future as refills.
- You have different presentations for this effect (prediction effect, coincidence, card effect ,magic cube...) , it is easy to come with your own presentation.
I like this effect very much and I like the thinking of Mr. Francis in this effect, I highly recommend it , just I hope there will be versions with better cube and different outcomes.
Message: Posted by: Maxy (Feb 22, 2019 10:37AM)
This effect is currently on sale on The Magic Warehouse website, go quickly and grab yours before they're sold out!.
Message: Posted by: warren (Feb 25, 2019 04:42PM)
[quote]On Feb 22, 2019, Maxy wrote:
This effect is currently on sale on The Magic Warehouse website, go quickly and grab yours before they're sold out!. [/quote]

No thanks as it's not very well made.
Message: Posted by: Maxy (Feb 26, 2019 08:19AM)
The 15 bucks sale price makes it no brainer for me.
Message: Posted by: warren (Feb 26, 2019 10:18AM)
Even at that price if the thing comes apart when the spectator mixes it up means it's destined for the magic drawer as I'm all about quality when working for the paying public and not cheap props that don't cut it...... it wasn't a bad idea but they made a mistake skimping out on the quality.
Message: Posted by: montgomerymagic (Jun 7, 2019 12:24PM)
Update....I just bought one from the Magic Warehouse for $20 and I find the cube to be easy to mix with no issues of coming a part. I'm no rubik's connoisseur but I'm very happy with my purchase.
Message: Posted by: montgomerymagic (Jun 7, 2019 12:37PM)
For those who have invested in Cubic and use the Double Blank playing card method here is a link to something I'm using instead of the Double Blank Playing Cards. You can use a regular sharpie marker for their signature and then you can simply wipe away the signature with some rubbing alcohol after your done and your ready to go again.

Apostrophe Games Dry Erase Blank Cards (Poker Size) (48 Cards) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H4D8ITK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_hLFP6Ns9j4V8t
Message: Posted by: Maxy (Jun 8, 2019 09:42PM)
Thank you for the link!
If you mix the cube slowly it will not pop out, just don't treat it like speed cube.