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Topic: Pressure Required to Inflate 260Q?
Message: Posted by: Cartoonist (Feb 28, 2019 02:35PM)
Does anyone know precisely how much pressure it takes to inflate a 260Q?

Iíve searched on the Internet and the Cafť here with no success. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Cartoonist (Feb 28, 2019 03:47PM)
A brief follow-up. Iím well aware that darker colors are harder to inflate, but Iím just looking for an approximate number so I can inform my ENT.

I just had outpatient, electrocautery for recurrent anterior epistaxis (if my translation from Japanese to English is correct) that the ENT is almost 100% certain resulted from the pressure required to mouth inflate 260s. He said that high pressure is not only dangerous for the brain and eyes, but the nose as well. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Mar 12, 2019 01:27AM)
I blew up balloons by mouth for years. I now have serious eye problems. I don't know if it had anything to do with balloons but if I could do it over again I wouldn't risk it.

I now use a Filbert pump and am very happy with it,
Message: Posted by: Cartoonist (Mar 13, 2019 02:24PM)
I'm very sorry to hear that MeetMagicMike. I hope your health situation is under control and that you have many more decades of productive entertainment in the future. I've been eyeing a Filbert pump for years, but the S&H to Japan is almost the same as the product.

I very strongly suspect that many health problems are developed by people who mouth inflate 260s over a long period of time. Unfortunately, epidemiologists don't even know of 260s for diagnostic consideration. The average person has no idea how hard it is to mouth inflate 260s.

At the end of my semesters at uni, I give the kids a small show (magic, juggling, clowning, balloons). Each student gets a 260 and has to pay attention as I show them how to make a balloon dog. They suspect the twisting is the hard part, but have no idea it's actually the mouth inflation. No student (several thousand have tried) has even come close to getting the balloon even partially inflated. They all suddenly develop a respect for mouth inflaters.

BTW, your story at uni for EE with the prof with your magic in your Bio was so funny - thank you.
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Mar 13, 2019 10:21PM)
Cartoonist, Thank for your concern. I had a crisis last year but I'm back to work and going strong now. I appreciate you checking out my website and commenting on my college story.