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Topic: Magic Ball 2 by Magie Factory
Message: Posted by: egoli (Feb 28, 2019 11:08PM)
Anyone tried this and can give a review?


Finish off your sponge ball routine with an original, modern touch!

After completing your favorite sponge ball routine, offer your audience a surprise climax.

Explain to your spectators that nowadays, in the age of Internet, we can send anything by e-mail: pictures, videos, files, folders, and now... even objects!
Offer to demonstrate right away.

Ask a spectator to hold out his or her hand, take 2 sponge balls and ask the spectator to squeeze them tightly.
Hold up your iPhone/iPod and explain that you are going to send them an object by e-mail.
Open the application, produce a 3rd ball, and place it virtually on the screen of your iPhone/iPad.
The spectators will see an animated ball in your e-mail outbox.
Press “send” to send the file into the hand of the spectator, which serves as the inbox.
The file progressively disappears from your screen.
The spectator opens their hand and discovers, to their great surprise, a 3rd ball.

Key features:

Innovative effect with high audience impact!
Application for experienced magicians.
Application menu allows you to choose ball size and color, logos, text ...
Easy to do under any conditions.