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Topic: Coin from (my) Ear
Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Mar 3, 2019 06:52PM)
Someone mentioned in a recent post that pulling a Coin from a Kids ear was the best trick out there.

I couldn't agree more.

However, sometimes there just ain't any Munchkins around.

So...I just pull a coin from me own ear. Seems to work well. Shades of Mickey. No originality claimed :-)


Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Mar 3, 2019 09:09PM)
When you can do it like that, who needs kids...Just excellent! :D

Oh, and I'm sure Mickey Silver would be quite humbled to see such wonderful work...Truly looks like magic! ;)
Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Mar 3, 2019 09:39PM)
Thank you for the kind words Marion.
I find sometimes the visual/easy to understand efects work very well.
Message: Posted by: J-Mac (Mar 3, 2019 09:45PM)
Very well done! I haven't seen that done that well since Mickey Silver's routine.


Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Mar 3, 2019 10:14PM)
[quote]On Mar 3, 2019, Max T. Oz wrote:
Thank you for the kind words Marion.
[b]I find sometimes the visual/easy to understand efects work very well[/b]. [/quote]

They work best, IMHO.

I have seen many wonderful coin routines but very few any better than that :43 seconds of pure magic. :) In not saying a single word, you said it all, and believe me everyone that sees it will hear you loud & clear. :applause: Again, great job there!
Message: Posted by: Zauberman (Mar 4, 2019 06:40PM)
WOW! I think you might really be eating that coin LOL.
Some really awesome posts recently by magicians on this forum that raise the bar. This is one of them.
I've watched this over and over and can't help but smile everytime. Very well done!
Message: Posted by: Wx4usa (Mar 4, 2019 07:01PM)
Very nice. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Awesome!
Message: Posted by: evikshin (Mar 8, 2019 01:12PM)

Looks really good! You are definitely on Mickey's level with this, and I love that you took it beyond his original routine and added your own touches which I feel are improvements.
Message: Posted by: Ironjim (Mar 8, 2019 05:47PM)
Looks great. very clean, and all around fun. Thanks for sharing.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Mar 8, 2019 06:00PM)
The routine is done well, and I especially like the large coin production at the end. I am torn however, by using some of Mickey's signature moves. Mickey does his routine professionally, and has not released his routine to the public. So I would be uncomfortable if this routine was also done professionally, without permission from Mickey Silver.
Message: Posted by: Octarine Prince (Mar 8, 2019 06:04PM)
That is beautiful.

(I also have a fondness for people who work silent, or mostly silent. Most people aren't as funny as they think they are!)
Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Mar 8, 2019 09:55PM)
Thank you for the kind comments, Gents.

Michael Rubinstein, no worries as I don't do this routine or any coin/mouth/ear professionally.

Strange, but coincidentally I just purchased a download vid of another magician doing coin in mouth to Ear. Danny Goldsmith does a very nice job of this on his new Copeland Coins vid. Both of our ROV vanishes are unique and different and I'm playing around with his method as I write this. He also has a nice muscle pass that isn't a muscle pass, but rather a fingertip pass. I'm elated that I finally got this pass working today.
Message: Posted by: sadhu (Mar 9, 2019 04:28AM)
Max, you mentioned that you "just purchased a download vid of another magician doing coin in mouth to ear", do you mind sharing where I can purchase
this download because I've been looking for help in this area for quite some time. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Mar 9, 2019 05:55AM)
Hello Sadhu, FYI

Message: Posted by: sadhu (Mar 9, 2019 06:01AM)
Thank you so much Max.
Message: Posted by: Stperformer (Mar 9, 2019 05:32PM)
Beautiful, man! Just beautiful!!!
A heck of a lot of magic in 40 sec.
Well choreographed and love your kicker ending trying to put the Jumbo in your mouth lol.
Message: Posted by: MaxfieldsMagic (Mar 16, 2019 03:41PM)
Wow, Max. Beautiful routine, beautifully done. You really sell it, too, with the expressive mime work.

This may be off topic, but I find the advice against doing this professionally because Micky Silver does something similar to be a little overprotective. Silver certainly did not invent the idea of using coin vanishes and appearances to insert and pull coins from orifices. The fact that you both have truly convincing ROVs is terrific, and I really hope no one is claiming a proprietary interest in quality.

Thanks for sharing that fun routine.
Message: Posted by: Zauberman (Mar 23, 2019 08:10PM)
This would be a great ending for coin in mouth routine.
It's Danny Goldsmith as mentioned above. For the life of me I'm not sure how he does this with a jumbo in mouth, but boy, does it look good.

Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Aug 6, 2019 08:14PM)
Dear Maxfield. I agree. You can't patent the retention vanish. Who knows how many people did something like this before Mickey Silver.
I love Mr. Silver's work. But we are in a culture where just because we have heard of a famous name, like Mickey Mouse, we think they are the only one. Well I would bet there are many coinicians around the world who have done lots of work like Mr. Silver. It does not have to be the same technique. But I am sure it is similar. And in the eyes of the spectators, it would all be magic.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Aug 7, 2019 06:37AM)
Hey Max(!),
Great work!

Watching, makes ME feel like a Munchkin!

Really well done.

p.s.: I can only imagine how it was,
growing up,
in your home.
"Come on Maxxie.
Eat all of your coins.
Think of all the hungery kids in India..."

,....thanks mom.
Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Aug 7, 2019 04:15PM)
Thanx Gallagher.
I hope you didn't find the whole thing too EERIE :-) LOL Groan :-)
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Aug 7, 2019 05:08PM)
[quote]On Aug 7, 2019, gallagher wrote:

p.s.: I can only imagine how it was,
growing up,
in your home.
"Come on Maxxie.
Eat all of your coins.
Think of all the hungery kids in India..."

,....thanks mom. [/quote]

Though a well rounded diet, never a square meal :crazydude:
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Aug 8, 2019 10:28AM)
Just love this from Max. :D If this was all he could do as to magic (and it's not, not hardly as this guy is loaded with great magic), he would have all he needed to WOW! people always. It's really that on-the-spot good. Just perfect! :)
Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Oct 18, 2019 09:45PM)
For those interested in Coins in a Manipulation Routine....this is my 'Coin to Ear' bit in my Manipulation Routine.

The Coin bit is from the 1 to 2 mnute mark.


What surprised me was how well the coin bit went over in the routine when I've done it the very few times in public. Lots of laughter :-)

Message: Posted by: sadhu (Oct 19, 2019 05:02AM)
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Oct 19, 2019 05:46AM)
Man, the difference between playing checkers and chess or even more so the difference between chess and 3 Dimensional Chess. 😁 Itís like watching Mickey Silver and David Stone all in one. 😁 And as like with theirs, your coin work is just brilliant! 😊

This is just a beautiful performance my friend, so well done, and shows a tremendous amount of variety, versatility, technique and overall style & ability, way beyond that of just coins, way beyond. 💯
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Oct 19, 2019 06:24AM)
That was fun and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing that.
Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Oct 19, 2019 07:59AM)
Thank you Gents. Glad you found it fun :-)

Again thanx for your nice comments Marion. Made my day!

The routine is still a work in progress....pacing, a few glitches, etc. But posted it to show some slightly larger than silver dollar coin manipulation. Technically 90% of the coin work is just a strong Retention Vanish/Apearance. It's amazing what you can do with that one move.

Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Oct 19, 2019 08:41AM)
One thing I've always believed, is that when the audience is more than several ft.away......using slightly larger than silver dollars coins, GREATLY enhances the effect. This being tricks like Coins to Glass, Misers Dream, Etc... For close-up tricks such as Matrix, Kennedy half-dollars/English pennies work fine.

The Morgan is 1.5" (38.1mm) compared to the coins I use 1.75" (45mm) in first vid and 1.94" (50mm) in 2nd.

These coins do take some time and effort to get use to and adapt. Seems impossible at times but eventually comes together.

And from the audiences point of view....much much more visual.

And when you do work with dollars.... they feel like dimes :-)
Message: Posted by: Stperformer (Oct 19, 2019 06:06PM)
What I really like about your routine is that it uses simple props. No gimmicks (I assume) and just pure sleight of hand.
I would love to see it live.
And your coin work is beyond most of the stuff one sees. Great job.
Message: Posted by: Kong (Oct 21, 2019 07:55AM)
What's going on 'ere then?

I love the performances, they are very entertaining and the magic is strong!

Great stuff.