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Topic: Howie Schwarzman collection auction
Message: Posted by: Steve Friedberg (Mar 4, 2019 09:29AM)
Folks, as some of you know, Howie Schwarzman is now living in assisted living in Baltimore. Physically, he's fine and he's in good spirits, but his memory has declined dramatically.

I have purchased Howie's collection. It's going to be auctioned off by Haversat and Ewing, with the net proceeds going to establish a scholarship for young magicians in Howie's honor. (www.haversatewing.com)

My thinking is simple: Howie didn't publish a lot of things during his active years, so younger magicians may not understand the high regard in which he was held. It's my hope that the scholarship will last for at least 20 years, which will prolong the awareness of just how darned good he was.

The online auction will be held the week after this year's 4F in early May. Please keep this one on your calendar. There's an incredible amount of really cool stuff to be had.