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Topic: Z-Matrix - Ziv (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Mar 8, 2019 10:21AM)
Z-Matrix - Ziv

The Hype:
A fast, easy to do, impossible matrix routine from Ziv. You're not hiding the coins under any cards - in fact, there are no cards at all! Amazingly, this all occurs using only ONE hand and it happens FAST! Spectators won't believe their eyes as the coins assemble and return to their positions.

Includes bonus routine Z - SPELLBOUND, whereby coins impossibly vanish, reappear, and turn into other coins. Incredible!

This Z - Matrix video download includes both routines and detailed teaching instruction from Ziv.

My Take:

If you watch the promo video, you know this is a routine you want to add. Some real eye popping stuff.

Video starts off showing a 3 coin matrix using playing cards. The coins all gather under one card and then instantly return to where they started. Startling and very visual. He then transitions to an uncovered matrix. Pretty and fast moving. A gimmick is involved but you are shown how to make it and it is plain easy. The moves on this are pretty standard but the teaching puts this well within anyone's hands.

He then teaches his Spellbound. Again, this is pretty standard stuff but he throws in a David Williamson move that really adds to the routine. Using a Chine coin (with hole) and an American coin, he shows the coins change to the other several times. The end vanish of the Chinese coin is one you will be playing with. Yes, you do have a little covert help but the effect is well worth it. You will find this routine quite a bit more challenging than the matrix. Whereas the matrix is achievable by pretty much anyone, this one will require some coin chops.

Both routines are taught using only music as the audio. There is no speaking but the moves are shown in detail and are very well taught. And the amazing thing? He teaches all of this in only 6 minutes.

Conclusion: Very pretty flashy magic that is within the capabilities of most of us. It will take some practice. The download is priced very reasonably. For the money, this is a good value and I would recommend it.