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Topic: Local dealers
Message: Posted by: adrianrbf (Mar 9, 2019 10:35AM)
Like many of you, I prefer local dealers because delivery is fast and shipping costs are low. Living in Switzerland, my favourite dealers are www.zauberparadies.ch, www.onlinemagic.ch and www.magicshop.ch. When I order from abroad, I may end up paying Swiss sales tax plus $16 to Swiss postal services for the import handling.

My main criterion to my magic dealer is: Do they have a wide product range? I usually buy more than one item, thus reducing shipping cost, and obviously I prefer to shop where they have everything I want in stock.

BTW, has anybody else noticed that "buying magic tricks" and "learning magic tricks" are two different hobbies? ;-)
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (May 26, 2019 03:17PM)
Guten tag Adrian!

You are quite new here so please let me clarify your thinking about "buying" tricks.

Tricks, somewhat like music, only "exist" while they are being performed. (Stop "dragging" the rosined horsehair over taut catgut, and the music stops!)

Therefore, you cannot BUY a trick!

You can buy a prop or a secret, with which you can perform a trick.