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Topic: Stanley SortMaster for closeup tricks and gaffs
Message: Posted by: FlightRisk (Mar 15, 2019 09:11AM)
I have used a different version of this for a while. Use them in the garage too to hold screws and such. The best part is how they stack and lock together. This one cantilevers up like a tackle box. And you can connect a non-cantilevered one below it for a ton of storage. Add a little foam pads here and there and it really solves most of my problems. So with a foam cube with slits in a compartment, or a few thin foam sheets stacked vertically, you can use the slits/spaces to store several coin gaffs, card decks, etc. all in one section.

Message: Posted by: KC Cameron (Apr 1, 2019 09:48AM)
I think something like this is the only way to go. Otherwise props get lost.
Message: Posted by: FlightRisk (Apr 2, 2019 05:45PM)
I also bought 1" foam like in camera lens cases and a much more dense half inch foam to experiment. I can cut them with scissors, slit them with a razor and cut through them with a wire foam cutting table I built for other things. For some of the compartments, like for coins, okito boxes, things I want to stand vertically, I put in my foam inserts. I can also slice the foam to cover things when I carry it so they don't bang around in the empty space. I still try a different idea now and then. The airy foam is pretty much good for everything, but the dense foam is interesting to use like a jewelry box insert for rings and coins. I still have a ton of this stuff left over since it comes in 6 or 7 foot rolls ;)