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Topic: Danny Weiser has released a super trick!
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Mar 15, 2019 07:31PM)
Hey gang,

It fooled the professionals...imagine what you can do with everyday people?

"[i]Hybrid is very clever...! Danny has released a super trick![/i]" - [b]Angelo Carbone[/b] (Creator of The Gift and Cue the Magic)

"[i]I was fooled when I saw it! Nice work Danny! I love this![/i]" - [b]Chris Smith[/b] (MagicSmith)


Okay, we LOVE moving hole effects -- but we weren't sure the world needed another one. Then Danny Weiser performed Hybrid...and yeah, we immediately knew...this was special.

He took a BORROWED bill, had a spectator sign it on BOTH sides. (Hmm...interesting...both sides is a nice touch we thought).

Then he punched a hole in the bill , FLICKED the hole to the other corner and IMMEDIATELY handed the bill back to the spectator as a souvenir. The spectator was floored.


What really got us was when we realized there were [b]NO threads and NO BILL SWITCHES[/b]. And the hole ACTUALLY moves RIGHT UNDER the spectator's nose. The gimmick was the convincer. So smart! So durable (last forever with NO refills needed) and well, just fun to play with.

3 routines are taught: Pen Through Bill, Black Hole and Infinite Hole.

The gimmick designed for a US dollar, but watch it used with UK currency [url=https://www.instagram.com/p/Buwo4tHAEIf/?fbclid=IwAR0Cmh3YJ2Jk9Dh7k0B8TGY02BpSpdNZOgJJz0kGlqhNI_jGVdhniUbVxvM]HERE.[/url]