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Topic: ICB by Yvan Garmy
Message: Posted by: Magic KL (Mar 27, 2019 11:52AM)
It looks soooooo clean.


"The best card-to-box I've ever seen!" -Jeff McBride

"I thought there was a gimmick!" -Nicholas Lawrence

Make any signed playing card vanishes and reappear folded inside any borrowed card box.

The card box is shown to be empty. It never leaves your spectators sight. And yet, whenever you want, you can show that a playing card has appeared inside of it. The spectator can then remove the playing card themselves and examine everything!

ICB will easily become your go-to trick! It's an impossible miracle that can be performed with any borrowed card box!
- No set up required
- No slits in the card box
- No duplicate cards
- No alteration made to the card box

The trick can easily be added to any of your existing signed card routines. Itís the perfect trick for table hopping or a walk around environment.
Message: Posted by: dduane (Mar 27, 2019 12:10PM)
I know they can only show the spectators point of view. The m** **d is edited out, so it's hard to see just how clean this is. For the price it might be worth the gamble. I do a card to box that I love (a la Jeff Kaylor), but it's good to have an alternate version.

Anyone have this?

Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Mar 27, 2019 12:30PM)
I have something very similar that I published in my lecture notes in 2012. Although I doubt I was the first one to come up with it either. :) But this looks really nice! Elegant handling.
Message: Posted by: Jeremie Leroi (Mar 27, 2019 12:43PM)
Yes, my first reaction was that this looked a lot like Cameronís move. If Iím not mistaken, ę†I thought there was a gimmick!†Ľ was also Greg Wilsonís reaction when Cameron demonstrated it during his At The Table lecture...

But youíre a great sport Cameron, hats off to you! And I remember that all the material was excellent in those 2012 lecture notes!

Anyway, I already perform wayyyyy too many folded cards to impossible location (including Cameronís) so I wonít bother with this one but, in all fairness, it does look excellent.

Message: Posted by: simplymagicweb (Mar 27, 2019 01:37PM)
Just downloaded - perfect! Yep, looks great. Simple and effective. I'll use this.
Message: Posted by: Jared (Mar 27, 2019 05:23PM)
This is fantastic! What a great method to add to your arsenal...No gaffs just pure subtlety and also very easy to execute.
Message: Posted by: chrisgali (Mar 28, 2019 01:54AM)
Is the card vanish also included?
Message: Posted by: chrisgali (Mar 28, 2019 04:38AM)
Ok I see a ditch to the bottom?
So in the Trailer its not the same card...
Message: Posted by: simplymagicweb (Mar 28, 2019 05:00AM)
[quote]On Mar 28, 2019, chrisgali wrote:
Ok I see a ditch to the bottom?
So in the Trailer its not the same card... [/quote]

Tbh Chris, all I'm bothered about is - can I use this as part of my close-up set. The answer is yes because;

The card box is ungimmicked so can be freely examined
It's pretty much angle proof
It's simple to perform
The spectator removes the card themselves
Instant reset as there's nothing to reset!

So if you are looking for a practical card to card-box method, this is excellent.
Message: Posted by: davidpaul$ (Mar 28, 2019 08:48AM)
Just got this.. I agree, excellent technique. There is also a vanish of the folded card taught actually putting it into the box as well. Very convincing. I see using "Paperclipped" as an ending in this particular scenario. ( or other revelation) I'm pleased with this fwiw
Message: Posted by: Preisman (Mar 28, 2019 11:31AM)
Just got this. Love it. Nice handling. Decent angles. Not very difficult. Planning to spend some time on it. Not familiar with Cameron's card to box, so I can't comment about potential similarity - but Cameron's other products are first class.
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Mar 29, 2019 10:28AM)
I don't own this download so I can't comment on the handling. Based on the trailer, it looks very smooth. From what I can tell, Yvna's handling differs a little from mine. Angles are pretty much a non-issue for me (I perform it at chest level so people can be seated behind me and won't see anything).
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Apr 24, 2019 06:12PM)
I've been working on this, and it's not all that difficult to get it smooth. Dry hands are not an asset, though, for the effect. I think it's pretty deceptive if done well, but I haven't tried it out on real people, yet.