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Topic: Wizard Product Review 27-3-19
Message: Posted by: gtx magic (Mar 27, 2019 07:54PM)

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Fully Automatic Card Trick by Caleb Wiles

Collard 2 by John Archer

Mind Thief by Chris Philpott
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Mar 29, 2019 09:32PM)
Another fun and informative review. Thank you.

You guys are on a roll. Not sure what the change is, perhaps the product selection being more positive? Whatever it is, this was another enjoyable watch. You still seemed honest, but there was nothing caustic to cause a distraction.

Thanks, and I am looking forward to your next review, and am NOT looking forward to arguing with my wife why I suddenly added a bit of business to our credit card history. All due to you.
Message: Posted by: leipzisch (Jun 7, 2021 06:28PM)