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Topic: A big thank you to Neal Austin (Sealegs)!
Message: Posted by: Kanawati (Apr 5, 2019 01:32AM)
Hi everyone, First off, I don’t bill myself as a comedy magician (I made that mistake once!) but I do aim to entertain as well as astonish and if I can get the audience to laugh even better. Over at the ever so sleightly section of the Café I posted a YouTube link to a work in progress - based on Dai Vernon’s Peripatetic Walnuts. I also directly reached out to Neal Austin (Cafe member name is Sealegs) who is a professional performer with a focus on comedy magic. I contacted Neal for advice on how I could further develop this work in progress. Neal was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. He even took some of my ideas, completely reworked them, added new ideas, and re-wrote a script for me. A script which I couldn’t help laugh out loud over as I read it! Over just a couple of pms I felt like I had attended a masterclass in scripting, delivery, pacing and presentation. He explained themes and ideas that work better to engage an audience and shared information on how to add jokes and humor without diminishing the magical impact. Finally, he gave me a script that showed me how those ideas applied in a practical sense. I already posted this thank you note at the ever so sleightly section but I thought I’d post it here too for those with a specific interest in comedy magic. The Café is a great place for learning but getting direct help from someone as knowledgeable as Neal will I believe improve my ability to create more entertaining routines. Neal, thanks again. John
Message: Posted by: Sealegs (Dec 28, 2019 05:16PM)
Thanks John, It was my pleasure. :cool:
Message: Posted by: Mark Boody Illusionist (Dec 29, 2019 02:47PM)
Well done, so refreshing to hear!