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Topic: Hello from Tennessee
Message: Posted by: Tweed (Apr 6, 2019 10:30AM)
Hey, my real name is Ethan. Tweed is an old character name from WoW, because I'm a dork and also because the name username Ethan was taken.

I have just returned to magic from several year hiatus of getting married young, raising kids, starting a couple businesses and all the adult stuff that can become distracting.

I used to perform when I was a teenager and miss it. So, here I am.

Thanks for having me and I look forward to lots and lots of reading!
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Apr 6, 2019 01:06PM)
Welcome Tweed,

And welcome back to Magic.

Are your Magical interests the same as when you were younger?

-Mary Mowder
Message: Posted by: FlightRisk (Apr 6, 2019 01:14PM)
Glad to have you, welcome!
Message: Posted by: Tweed (Apr 6, 2019 01:33PM)
@Mary, I still love close up and card magic. I'm also fairly industrious and really enjoy making things so that will probably dictate the course of some things I pursue. I have an opportunity to busk a little in a nice touristy area near here.
Message: Posted by: Wx4usa (Apr 6, 2019 02:05PM)
Welcome back to magic tweed and to the Café. You’ll find wonderful folks here! What type of busking would you do?
Message: Posted by: Tweed (Apr 7, 2019 10:04AM)
@Hal, I'm not really sure. I was kind of shocked to even be offered the opportunity.
Message: Posted by: lnlver (Apr 8, 2019 08:19AM)
Welcome Ethan. Please post your creations in the 'special interests/workshop' area. There are lots of knowledgeable folks there.
Message: Posted by: Tweed (Apr 8, 2019 09:29PM)
@InIver, I'll do that. So far it's just a few hot rods. I had a cabinet shop years ago and lots of left over hardwood pieces that I could never seem to get rid of. Perfect for making little sticks.
Message: Posted by: teenagelabotomy42 (Apr 18, 2019 10:50PM)
What was your favorite thing to perform before your hiatus?
Message: Posted by: Tweed (May 4, 2019 12:34PM)
@tennagelabotomy42, back then it was anything I could find in the limited magic books I had access to and make... card tricks, several IT and TT and a few of the props from Mark Wilson's course in magic. The interwebs have completely changed accessibility. Now anything is available. I remember when finding Rocket to Russia was nearly impossible ;)
Message: Posted by: Kbuck54 (May 6, 2019 12:20AM)
Welcome, and enjoy our shared passion.
Message: Posted by: Deckstacker (May 7, 2019 06:09PM)
Welcome Ethan/Tweed. Like you, my interest in things magical started when I was a teen and then went dormant for a while before re-kindling itself after all that "adult stuff" quieted down and became less distracting. I joined the Café about 4 months ago, and I can heartily recommend just reading around in all the forums, following threads that spark interest, etc. It's great fun and you can't help but learn new things all the time. Enjoy.