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Topic: Disappointed in this forum
Message: Posted by: daddy_bone (Apr 10, 2019 06:05PM)
I've posted twice now about current Tenyo items I've been selling and sometimes links to current eBay auctions. Both these posts have been removed with no explanation and/or reasoning why. As far as I'm concerned, the Tenyo crowd is small and should be respected for those who enjoy collecting and is interested in selling/trading. I've been a huge Tenyo fan for years and I don't know many other spots where we can all talk/nerd out over Tenyo. If anyone could explain why this is happening I would appreciate it.
Message: Posted by: psychod (Apr 10, 2019 07:09PM)

I can't say for sure but I would guess that your posts were removed as this is a place to talk about Tenyo products, get advice, ask questions, etc. The place for selling items would be in the 'For Sale' section. Once you get 50 posts, you will have access to this as well as several other interesting bits. Good luck and keep posting.
Message: Posted by: daddy_bone (Apr 10, 2019 07:48PM)
Thank you for clarifying. I had no idea there was a separate area for selling.
Message: Posted by: Payner44 (Apr 11, 2019 09:38AM)
You must have at least 50 posts before you will see it as accessible.