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Topic: Memories of Johnny Thompson - The Great Tomsoni
Message: Posted by: Scott Wells (Apr 18, 2019 11:35AM)
Just before the David Hira episode #484 was released, I attended the memorial service for Johnny Thompson at the Penn & Teller Theater in Las Vegas. I did not feel that it would be appropriate to walk around with my microphone to record chats with people at the reception (after all, there were nearly 800 people in attendance). But prior to the service then later at the bar, I chatted with Fielding West, David Magee, Nick Lewin and Ray Anderson who shared some stories about working with and knowing Johnny.

This is a special episode in that it was sandwiched between two regularly scheduled podcasts, plus this episode contains explicit language. I avoid such language in the regular podcasts, but this was who Johnny was and I felt that it should be left in as it was, just for this episode only.

You can hear the podcast at: https://www.themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/memories-of-johnny-thompson Of course you can always hear the podcasts on iTunes, Spotify, Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Tunein and more.