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Topic: Wizard Product Review 17-4-19
Message: Posted by: gtx magic (Apr 20, 2019 08:07AM)

Venom Cube by Henry Harrius available From www.rubiksdream.com

Light It Up by SansMinds Magic

Ultimate Ambition Improved by DARYL

The following products are available form your favourite Murphys Magic Dealer:
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Apr 22, 2019 07:45PM)
Great show this week. I missed Wayne, but all 3 items were spot on. Now I need to save money!
Message: Posted by: Morganjj (Apr 23, 2019 01:27AM)
Yeah, this episode sold me a venom. Great rundown, and exactly the look into it I needed to get a sense of how I can work it in. Thanks for that.