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Topic: Twiddelin'.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (May 2, 2019 03:20AM)
"When you find yourself sitting on your hands..."

Is 'the moment', relative to 'the past',...'the future'?

Two days ago: 25* C. Sun. No other 'Artists', in sight.
'Life' was a wisp on a butterfly's wing.

Today: 7* C. Wind gusts. Beggars, Punks, and Drunks pushing at back.
'Life' tells me to sit on my hands.

Early in the year,
there is no 'deperation',
there's only 'hope'.
In either case,....I want to play!
When I can't,...
...I'm not prepared.

The shoes are shined.
The dishes are washed.
I'm 'practised', shaved, five pounds lighter....
I have to sit and wait.

....one of the pagnes of the profession,
no one ever tells you about.

"When you find yourself sitting on your hands,
...keep twiddeling your thumbs."

p.s.: Some moments past:
Perleberg: (Someone ACTUALLY sent us a 'promise'!)

'The Don Kosacken Choir,..with Donna'

Gadebusch: Sometimes, I like makin' 'em "find me".

,..explain THIS to the kids.

Smiles from no-where...

When I'm feeling 'good',
I never ask 'why?'.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (May 3, 2019 05:07PM)

If we could only figure HOW
'the Button Vanish' works(!)...!

Where do they all go to?

In three days,...dry weather.
Our buttons will be complete.