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Topic: Club Fix - J. Jack (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (May 7, 2019 06:53AM)
Club Fix - J. Jack
$12.00 - book($1.50 shipping, Ebook included)
$6.00 Ebook only
pay by paypal - paypal email address jodqos@aim.com
or google pay - Google pay address pacc321@mail.com

The Hype:
Two Jokers are placed on the table. Two cards are selected and shuffled back into the deck. You place the Jokers face down on top of the deck. You spread the top three cards. One selection is seen face-up between the Jokers. That selection is inserted into the middle of the deck. It then appears between the Jokers again. The Joker sandwich is placed on the table.

The spectator attempts to pull the other selection from the deck. They are unsuccessful. The card between the Jokers is revealed to be the other selection.

I've devised three impromptu versions of this trick that do not use a gaff.

Basic Club - a simple approach

Visit the Club - an alternative switch to Kosky Switch is taught

Four Ace Club - one selection travels up and down the deck

A kicker ending that can be used for each trick is taught.

My Take:
Andrew Normansell invented a trick called "Club Sandwich" which is available from some of the online dealers. Clever effect but it does use a gimmick and it costs about $20.00. If you watch the demo vid of it, you will probably figure out just how it is done and what the gimmick is.

J. Jack (mysterious magician. A search online reveals nothing about his identity or bio) decided that just didn't work for him. A website is mentioned in the book (sheufflethedeck.weebly.com) which, although it gives you no clues about Mr. Jack) does link to pretty interesting cardistry videos. Thank you, Mr. Jack.

He has created several procedures that accomplish the same thing, yet use no gimmicks and are entirely impromptu. The instructions come in a nicely printed 18 page booklet with a glossy cover. While some may think 12 bucks is a bit high for such a small booklet, consider this. How much did it cost you for the last set of lecture notes you bought? And try to find a Docc Hilford booklet in this range. Can't be done so the price is more than fair.

A friend who also read the book told me that I should read it with deck in hand and I totally agree. All of the routines require no difficult sleights but directions are quite involved and you may have to work your way through each of them several times to get the working straight. The book is well written (and has some very nice illustrations) but the methods can get a little complex and involved. However, the results you get are well worth the effort.

He starts the book with the Basic Club. This is obviously the easiest in the book. Two cards are chosen and lost in the deck. The deck is spread and one of the chosen cards is found face up between two jacks. It is inserted into the middle of the deck but when the jacks are again spread, the chosen card has returned. It is turned face down again and the it is put aside sandwiched by the Jacks. When the jacks are again spread, the card has turned into the other selection. Easy plot to follow and you end 100% clean.

One thing that caught my attention right away was his use of the Kosky Invisible Card Switch. I got this with a group of notes in a magic auction years ago and fell in love with the move. You seldom see it used and it is a powerful tool. So thank you for bringing it into the light once again. This is a move you will use in a lot of your other routines and worth the price of admission by itself.

You are given two versions of his "Visiting the Club". A little more complex than the basic but is still sleightless but not self working. You are taught the "Visitor Switch" from Larry Jennings' "The Visitor". ( He is very good at crediting sources throughout the book). In the second version "Visiting the Club RR", the first selection appears between the Jacks twice.

The "Four Ace Club" has the selected card reversed between jacks at the top. They are then cut to the middle of the deck and the selection returns to the top. It is put between two other jacks and put onto the table where it is shown to be the other selection.

He finishes by giving you an ending that can be used with any of the routines.

Conclusion: This is a very well thought out little book with some strong card magic. Everything is taught in great detail. The routines will take you a little while to perfect but there is no knuckle busting going on. You can do it if you have the patience and take the time. For the cash (about what you would pay for a download), you get a nice little tome to sit on your shelf and some nice routines for your next close up show.
Message: Posted by: tltq (Jul 8, 2019 09:45AM)
Thank you Jim
Jim's effect description of Four Ace Club is off (I already mentioned it to him).
Here is another description

Four Ace Club - Two cards are selected. A selection jumps between the black jacks at the top of the deck. The selection is then a place between the red jacks.The black jacks are cut to the center of the deck. The red jacks and the selection are placed on top of the deck.The performer taps the deck. The selection moves down the deck and stops between the black jacks.The selection and the blackjacks are placed on the table. After failing to find the other selection, it is found between the black jacks on the table.

Here are two video reviews.

Message: Posted by: tltq (Jul 3, 2020 10:22AM)
Two more video reviews



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Message: Posted by: tltq (Jul 17, 2020 05:06PM)
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