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Topic: Facebook Live With Your Favorite Magic Creators!
Message: Posted by: Luke Dancy (May 7, 2019 12:55PM)
As a member of the Murphy's Magic team I get to see a lot of new magic before it hits the marketplace. Part of the fun is also getting to know the creators of these new effects. I've managed to get a few of these guys lined up over the next couple of months for some Facebook Live Interviews.

As mentioned above, these are streamed live so viewers can ask the creators whatever they want to know in real time. You can see the people I have coming up and get all the details for each by clicking on the links below. I hope to see some new faces this week!

The Other Brothers (May 8th)

Joao Miranda (May 15th)

Menny Lindenfield (May 22nd)

Jason Knowles (May 29th)

Adrian Vega (June 12th)

Tobias Dostal (June 19th)
Message: Posted by: Luke Dancy (May 8, 2019 02:02PM)

I'm going live right now with Nicholas Lawrence and The Other Brothers to talk shop. Have some questions for them?? Head on over now and get them in https://www.facebook.com/MurphysMagicSupplies/videos/2037853963188786
Message: Posted by: Luke Dancy (May 11, 2019 01:37PM)
Looking for something to do this weekend?

Check out the live chat from this week with Nicholas Lawrence and The Other Brothers! https://www.facebook.com/MurphysMagicSupplies/videos/2037853963188786/?t=117

Coming up this Wednesday at noon pacific I've got Joao Miranda joining me to chat all about The Watch. Hope to see some of your there!
Message: Posted by: videoman (May 11, 2019 09:41PM)
I very much enjoy these and am glad that Murphy’s is having Luke stream and record these interviews with creators.
Some will complain (they always do) that these are just commercials to try and move product, and while there is no denying that that may be the underlying reason, I also find that there is a lot of useful info conveyed.

Keep up the good work Murphy’s and Luke!
Message: Posted by: Luke Dancy (May 15, 2019 02:58PM)
I just wrapped up my live chat with Joao Miranda talking about The Watch. Catch the replay now! https://www.facebook.com/MurphysMagicSupplies/videos/301325864102487/?t=298
Message: Posted by: Luke Dancy (May 23, 2019 12:55PM)
Catch the replay for my chat with Menny Lindenfeld from yesterday chatting about TRU Xtreme


I'll be live next Wednesday with Jason Knowles chatting about the trick everyone is talking about...FLAT PACK!