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Topic: Butter coin by Alex Lourido
Message: Posted by: Payner44 (May 7, 2019 04:34PM)
Does anyone know where to find this gimmick?? I've looked all over without success. Thank!!
Message: Posted by: BanzaiMagic (May 7, 2019 08:41PM)
It doesn’t look like it is made any more.

You might try posting that you are looking for one in the Tricks and Effects For Sale or Trade section.

I noticed someone had one for sale last year at the end of this thread:

Message: Posted by: Payner44 (May 7, 2019 11:11PM)
Found one, thanks!
Message: Posted by: Payner44 (May 14, 2019 05:20PM)
I now have this coin, but have a big question...how the hell do you keep the rubber band from coming off when you bend the coin into place for a trick??? Every time I try, it comes off!!!