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Topic: Shell Game with Potatoes
Message: Posted by: Zauberman (May 15, 2019 12:17PM)
I ran across this 2 years ago in Spain on holidays. The 3 Shell and Pea game played with scooped out raw potatoes.
Sorry the article is in German, but watch the vids....you get the idea.


The whole thing amazed me on a couple points.
First, while the 3 hollowed out potatoes where siilar in size...it was pretty easy and obvious to see they were not alike.
I often thought it was necessary to have the shells in my set identical.
But from a scam point of view, I could see having them different made it so easy for the suckers to follow where the pea should be.

The pea would go under the potato with the large blemish....no matter how much he mixed them.....you just had to look for the potato with the blemish.

What do you guys think? Would having 3 shells that are a bit different work better for a magicians display?

Also if you google 'Fake Potatos', there are several sources. I'm seriously thinking of making my on set of '3 Potato and Pea Game'.
Message: Posted by: shellgame-al (May 15, 2019 04:38PM)
I have a mold to make small potatoes shells somewhere, but all three are identical. Which I prefer and still like the walnut shells better myself.
Message: Posted by: Zauberman (May 15, 2019 06:30PM)
Yes, I like the Shells better also....as they certainly look nicer and more interesting than 3 potatoes. Plus most people recognize or have at least heard of the Shell game.

But what made me laugh to myself is that I have metal shells, plastic shells, real walnut shells, gold plated shells all worth a fair dollar yet here are hustlers playing the game for real....and using some dirty old potatoes. Potatoes being cheap and plentiful plus no loss if you have to split quickly and leave them behind.
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (May 19, 2019 09:25PM)
I use real walnut shells and purposefully have the middle shell where the pea starts look different than the two on the outside. I point out the difference to make it obvious.