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Topic: Resources for changing £ to $? New plastic £ notes!
Message: Posted by: obrienmagic (May 15, 2019 07:00PM)
For those of you who have seen my extreme burn thread I have decided on trying something interesting. Using extreme burn to perform a currency exchange type of thing changing GBP notes into USD bills. There are a few issues with using EB to achieve this. First the bills are different sizes. Second the £ notes are plastic and don’t fold well + have windows on them. I managed to get the EB gimmick to function with this change but it looks super awkward. Also if I want to use £10 and £20 notes as well they will all be different sizes.

So I discovered this effect called “Size does Matter” by Juan Pablo. I thought THIS IS THE SOLUTION! I soon realized that the gimmicks are premade and that he didn’t currently have £ to $. I thought I could make it myself, but from what I understand how to make it isn’t included. Plus the notes that do come with it are fake and cheaply made from reviews I have seen.

I am at the point now where I’d like to know if there are any bill changes out there friendly to the new British notes and if they can change into USD.

Any ideas on how to make the gimmick work right using the methods I mentioned above are of course appreciated as well.
Message: Posted by: obrienmagic (May 24, 2019 01:47PM)
UPDATE: Novo by Allen Rorrison seems to be the best bet for this! It is not an easy change to perform but it does what I need!