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Topic: Going full time
Message: Posted by: cafecheckers (May 19, 2019 09:09PM)
Today is officially the first day of me running a full time entertainment business. I am most excited and thankful as well. So many here have offered great advice over the many years my brother and I have been building our part time venture (I will expand on this in a later post). Huge thanks goes out to The Great Zucchini and Mindpro, who offered so much wisdom both on TMC and throughout personal relationships that have continued. TGZ has served as an inspiration and mentor regarding being a kids entertainer. Mindpro has broadened my thinking in so many exciting ways while also building my business acumen in vital ways.

My upcoming days and weeks will be very busy. I will be launching two new products and a new website and preparing for my largest summer library tour over the next few weeks. I will also be meeting with key stakeholders regarding ongoing projects while finishing my school assembly season.

I welcome any advice from those who can offer thoughts on what to consider regarding going to full time. What did you do well? What do you wish you did better?

Message: Posted by: Mindpro (May 20, 2019 08:00AM)
Congratulations Cafécheckers! This is a very exciting time for you as it should be. It's been so interesting following your journey up to this point, and now you can really run with everything you've created and established. While other graduates may be scurrying to get their first position or to start a business, you, due to your visions and hard work, can simply walk right into your future. I am sure the best is yet to come!