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Topic: New Youtube Channel for props
Message: Posted by: welwell (May 22, 2019 07:29PM)
Check out my new Youtube channel: Bill's magic and halloween props
Just put most of it online today.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (May 22, 2019 08:00PM)
I like all of those props welwell. The Gallows prop especially, which is pretty unique. The book is very cool as well, just wonder about the sounds.

My main question though, should you expose the methods on a publicly accessible channel? The fact that you show the method completely eliminates the mystery for those not in the know, and arms those who may be searching for ways to expose working magicians who employ these props in their shows.

Your products are very good. And I am an avid collector of Bizarre Magic props. I would argue that you re-shoot the videos and simply concentrate on story and effect. Those in the know, like me, fully understand the methods and get what's going on. We'll buy your products based on want, need, or both. Those who are not in the know, shouldn't know, until they are part of the community...in this case purchasing your prop and attaining the secret that she or he will hopefully respect.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (May 22, 2019 08:24PM)
I think that's a little too critical but I would agree that a reshoot might be a good idea. I'd just remove the reveal of the remote devices and just show the props in action. One other suggestion is for the remote activated gallows. You showed a 2 of diamonds and hung the Jack of hearts. Other than that, nice work.
Message: Posted by: welwell (May 23, 2019 11:03AM)
OK. Good feedback. Will reshoot the videos and keep methods hidden.
Message: Posted by: welwell (May 23, 2019 02:56PM)
Done. Videos have been re-shot with your comments and suggestions in mind.
Message: Posted by: Dr. O (May 24, 2019 11:28AM)
Just ordered the little book of horrors. Can't wait to play with it for the up coming Halloween season.
Message: Posted by: boxjumper (May 29, 2019 06:41AM)
Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Message: Posted by: Dr. O (May 29, 2019 08:55AM)
The book arrived today. Great service and a really cool prop. Instructions were clear and batteries were included and installed which is a nice touch.
No affiliation with the seller, just glad I stumbled upon this post and am pleased with my purchase.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (May 29, 2019 07:17PM)
Much better WelWell! The Card Gallows is my favorite by far. I'm on a magic spending freeze right now due to my wife looking for work, but once that's done with, I'll have this on my radar!
Message: Posted by: Anverdi-museum (May 30, 2019 01:02PM)
I know Mr. Welwell, his is a great guy...highest recommendations of his props!