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Topic: Tequila Hustler?
Message: Posted by: Ravenspur (May 25, 2019 03:55PM)
I read the huge thread on Tequila Hustler in another part of the forum, but I'd like to figure out if it will work for me.

I've been carrying around a brass coin casket from Airship Magic that was recommended by Wravyn and using it with a face reading effect (faceography) to tell my high school students whether they put the coin in with heads or tails up. It's worked pretty well for me. I can do it in a couple of minutes. Friday I performed it for about 20 minutes with different kids. I always seem to miss once, which gives me credibility. It's giving me some performing practice.

People writing on the coin casket say it would work well paired with a Which Hand? effect. Tequila Hustler looks pretty effective for Which Hand? Can anyone advise me on it? I've read a bit on reading body language for Which Hand?, but I don't know if that's what TH is or if it's something else. If it's body language, I'll just keep practicing on my students until I learn it.
Message: Posted by: Arthur T (May 26, 2019 07:57AM)
Hey, th is great but in my opinion you can only use it as a one phase effect. When combined with other methods it works well.

It is easy to learn and worth buying. It is great for casual environments.

Personally I would avoid using body language to do the which hand plot as it is unreliable, although ‘the nose knows’ tell works fairly well during an opening phase. You should look it up in ‘self working mental magic’
Message: Posted by: Ravenspur (May 26, 2019 01:04PM)
Thanks, Arthur.

Can I use it with multiple audience members in one place?
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (May 26, 2019 02:50PM)
Another which hand trick you may want to check out is Hands Down by The Other Brothers.
Message: Posted by: Ravenspur (May 26, 2019 08:14PM)
Thanks, Wravyn. Will do.

I'm finally starting to get some things down. Nowhere near mastery, but at least understanding what I'm doing. Knowing when I do something wrong.
Message: Posted by: Arthur T (May 27, 2019 06:43AM)
Yeh you can use it on multiple spectators but I would aviod repeating it over and over again infront of the same people as logical people will spot the method.

If your looking for other propless ways of doing the effect id also recommend V by Manos.

Personally I use a gimmick to do the effect or I have my own method to do a similar thing but the propless versions do work well if perfromed with conviction and the right attitude. Id also look into Prevaricator by Patrick Redford if you get the chance, yet again propless.

Hope that helps
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (May 27, 2019 07:10AM)
[quote]On May 27, 2019, Arthur T wrote: Id also look into Prevaricator by Patrick Redford if you get the chance, yet again propless.

Arthur T, thank you. I wanted to mention Mr Redford’s which hand but could not remember the name of it.

What’s nice about having a few different avenues of doing propless which hand, is that methodologies can be employed at different times.
Message: Posted by: Ravenspur (May 28, 2019 09:47AM)
Thanks for the suggestions.
Message: Posted by: Louis1974 (Jun 4, 2019 06:56AM)
I love tequila hustler. Another great which hand effect is verbalist by Manos Kartsakis.
Message: Posted by: Jed Maxwell (Jun 5, 2019 03:05PM)
I use Which Hand? as a great rapport routine. It's playful, mind-bending and framed correctly, quite connecting. I been through a few products:

Joel Dickinson - Foreseen
Patrick G. Redford - Prevaricator
Rick Lax - Quarterly Report
Thaddius - The Book of Whichcraft
Docc Hilford - Confidence Man
Penguin Lecture - Colin Mcleod

... I am always looking for more.

Ultimately, I've ended up using Hugo Shelley's Sixth Sense 3.

Some great plots and performances I've come across are:

The film The Illusionist (2006) has a fun take on it.
Message: Posted by: Ravenspur (Jun 5, 2019 03:59PM)
Thanks Jed.

I have Whichcraft, but I will check out the others.
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jan 10, 2020 03:35PM)
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