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Topic: Keyboard Stand plus Hard Close-up Pad = Versatile Table
Message: Posted by: Magic Mark (Jun 1, 2019 01:23AM)
I purchased one of PropDog's large hard back Close-Up Pads a couple of months ago. It's the one that is 24" wide x 17" deep with Raspberry Red Velvet on one side and faux Black Leather on the other. It's a terrific pad.

Today I visited a local Sam Ash Music Store to look at Keyboard Stands. I found a dual tube uprights model (two upright tubes per side) that is sturdier than single tube upright models but doesn't weigh very much more. It was only $30. I brought it home and paired it up with the PropDog Close-up Pad and, I must say, they complement each other nicely!

The Keyboard Stand is a Groove Pak KS32. Rather than having a plate with 4-5 adjustment holes (like many keyboard stands), the KS32 has a toothed locking clutch that allows finer adjustments. If your table top is wide enough, you could set the stand to be low enough to work while seated (my large PropDog Close-up Pad isn't quite wide enough to do that).

Keyboard Stand: https://www.samash.com/groove-pak-ks32-keyboard-stand-sks32xxxx-p

Close-up Pad: https://www.propdog.co.uk/Propdog-Close-up-Pads/PropDog-Hard-Back-Pads/regular-hard-back-pads/rectangular-hard-back-pad-large

Here are some photos. This first one is highest height that still offers a good amount of stability. With the stand at this setting, the Close-up Pad surface is 37" from the floor.


The next lower setting puts the Close-up Pad surface 35.5" from the floor:


And, finally, this next lower setting puts the Close-up Pad surface at 33.75" from the floor:


That last setting is, of course, the most stable due to the wider spread of the legs. However, I didn't have any issues with any of the settings. Even the 37" setting felt plenty stable enough.

I'm very pleased with this combo. The stand is relatively light weight and plenty strong enough for anything I'd put on the table top (pad).

Message: Posted by: Yellowcustard (Jun 8, 2019 11:18PM)
I use to use a table much like this. And if I was working on the same pitch over a few days I would use a bike D-lock and lock it to a lamp post or a bike stand.